Apple was the only personal computer maker to experience growth in 2015

“According to market research company Gartner, Apple was the fifth-largest manufacturer in the PC (personal computer) segment at the end of 2015,” Adam Rogers writes for Market Realist. “In 2015, Apple shipped 21 [million] Mac units, representing 7.2% of the global market share, compared to 20 [million] units in 2014 at 6.2% of the market share. Mac shipments rose 5.8% YoY (year-over-year) for Apple in 2015.”

“China’s Lenovo was the leading manufacturer in 2015 with 57.1 million units, followed by Hewlett-Packard at 52.6 million units, Dell at 39.2 million units, and Asus at 21.2 million units,” Rogers writes. “Apple was the only PC manufacturer to see YoY growth in its PC shipments. Shipments for Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus, and Acer fell by 3.1%, 4.4%, 3.3%, 6.5%, and 15.3%, respectively, in 2015.”

“Apple was the third-largest manufacturer in the United States in 4Q15, with 2.2 million units shipped,” Rogers writes. “It made up 12.8% of the total PC market.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s Macintosh is indomitable.

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  1. pretty good, especially considering i can’t recall the last time i ever saw an actual advertisement on t.v. or magazines for macs.

    guess some complacent somebodies at the head office figures they will just sell themselves….. well they could sell even more if they would make more of an effort to advertise them. effectively.

    “think different” …… “i’m a mac and i’m a p.c.”.., and “macs can run both windows and osX, and here is how to switch from one to the other”

    pretty effective pitches back then….

    and as ricardo montalban used to sensuously sigh about “romance” … “aaaahhhh, the way it used to be… and could be, again”

    so get with it you guys, quit futzing around.

    plus dramatically increasing mac sales might even help damped wall streets delusional misperception that apple is a one trick pony overly dependent upon i phone sales for its income.

    1. “plus dramatically increasing mac sales might even help damped wall streets delusional misperception”

      Oh, yeh… suuure. Very funny. Being the biggest company on the planet hasn’t. Why should some more sales?

  2. I say this every time I see these types of numbers. Back in 2002 or so Apple were selling less than a million macs per quarter. To be selling 5 times as many now just blows my mind. Apple used to have less than 2% world wide share and now will be approaching 8%.

    1. These are 2015 units sold share percentages. Does anyone know the number of installed and functioning Macs versus installed and equivalently functioning non-Mac PCs as of end-2015 ?

      I suspect the installed base of Macs is growing more than sales share numbers indicate, since Macs remain serviceable for longer, in general.

      Does anyone else expect a Tipping Point coming at which a large percentage of (non-Mac) PC users will tip over to Macs ?

      1. Yeah, sure a tipping point is going to happen with Apple Macs as soon as Porsche and BMW reach a tipping point to take the place of Toyota. I’m sorry to say there will be no tipping point for Apple Macs. You only need to use the example of Chromebooks over iPads to get that answer. Consumers don’t need Macs when they can run Windows 10 on some low-cost Intel-based computer to do simple tasks. I mainly buy Macs because they’re versatile for running multiple OSes in virtual machines and they’re reliable so they last a long time. The average consumer doesn’t need what I need, so a $500 Windows PC will do just fine for them and there’s plenty of them to be found.

        One thing for sure, almost every new movie I see the characters in them are using Macs and iPhones. Apple has the movie industry sewn up. Besides movies, I don’t think any product Apple has will reach a tipping point toward mass market share. Competitors are even going to steal the smartwatch market away from Apple relatively soon. Apple refuses to do anything to provide a tipping point outcome due to the way the business is being run. That’s the main reason Apple’s share price is on the skids. Investors truly believe Apple won’t ever have a tipping point moment and they’re probably right.

        1. MARKET – SHARE – DOESN’T – MATTER – !!!!

          What the hell does it matter if you have the majority of market share if most of what you sell is bargain-basement crap at razor thin margins?

          1. Market share does matter if you’re a developer. Almost no software shop creates software _first_ for the Mac because less than 10% of computer users use a Mac. With the exception of Swift, Apple hasn’t done any good marketing or development of their own to change this. Cook only cares about iOS. Macs are selling well not because they can run Windows software.

            There is no tipping point. Apple has a lot of hard work ahead of it ever wants developers to prioritize the Mac.

  3. With Apple taking iOS in enterprise seriously Mac sales and market share are going to quickly increase. You need Macs to manage and create software for iOS. The IBM partnership was a big deal that is starting to bare fruit. This weeks announcement of iPad share shows a major shift in Apples thinking for iPad. Blackberry’s decline has left a huge hole in the smartphone market. Now that they are just another Android brand the holdouts are going to have to change. One of Microsoft’s greatest advantages was that when the internet made home computers useful to consumers they went for what they used at work. As Macs grow in businesses more people will see them. Even if they don’t actually use them, they will see other people using them. IT personal will need to use Macs and maybe get over their hatred and recommend them to some people. The more IT uses Macs and iOS the better feedback Apple, and IBM, will get. As tablet PCs grow the more people will start to see the iPad as a PC and count them in PC sales. Some do this already and the Windows market share goes down to around 80%. This may happen quicker than people think. Now that Google has merged Chrome OS with Android and Microsoft is trying to combine Windows 10 with their mobile version the idea of just a mobile OS and PC OS being separate is gone. It will be hard to not count iPads as PCs, or start putting Windows convertibles, iPads, and Crome Books in a separate category. Either way Windows market share will drop.

  4. The only area the Mac is not ” indomitable” is in the pro market. Pro’s need something different and very upgradeable and flexible, preferably roomy inside.

    A friend of mine who’s prominent in the VFX industry (with an Academy Award) laments his Mac Pro isn’t cutting the mustard and is (more than) tempted to get a Strongbox PC workstation. I am in the same boat. For the kind of work we do though that machine will never be connected to the Internet and thus not risk contamination.

    A sad day unless we see signs from Apple soon they have not forsaken this particular market and need to address PCIe 3 16X PCI slots. In every other respect Apple has our money in Mac Book Pro’s, iPad’s, iPhone’s, Watch’s, etc.. Pro’s like quiet machines but other than that most of us don’t need compact trash cans designs that then require wires and cables attached to insufficient Thunderbolt & USB 3 ports. Does anyone at Apple even TALK to professionals to see what they need and not what design whim Jonny Ives wants to exercise? I recognize the current 2013 Mac Pro works for some, but certainly not all.

    1. I could never wrap my head around that ‘trashcan’ Mac Pro. I wouldn’t mind having it for home use as a server, but if I were a professional I’d simply like the idea of being able to load up a big box with drives and cards without the need for bunches of other peripherals. I’m not saying I couldn’t deal with a new Mac Pro but I prefer the older way. In this case Jony Ives and I don’t agree. It’s hard to believe he was able to pull it off without lots of opposition. IMHO, I’d rather have an updated ‘cheese grater’ Mac Pro.

      1. Me too. I’d be surprised if fewer sales, along with a lot of pro guff, didn’t happen in it’s wake as a result. It’s the only thing so far I take Ives to task for. I have two old Mac Pro’s and I never asked for anything less than a tower for my pro work. It’s proved itself well as an ideal form for many. Of course the current Mac Pro is really great for mixing and audio work since it’s so damn quiet. So offer BOTH Apple!

    1. You’re going to laugh but I’m still using some old version of Window Shade X but only because two of my computers are still running 10.6.8. Believe it or not, my 2006 MacBook Pro 15″ is still earning its keep on a daily basis. That’s one good reason I’m a loyal Apple shareholder.

  5. Apple was the only PC manufacturer to see YoY growth in its PC shipments. Shipments for Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus, and Acer fell by 3.1%, 4.4%, 3.3%, 6.5%, and 15.3%, respectively, in 2015

    So be sure to sell your AAPL. Apple’s gonna die. (0_o) 😛

    Oh and YES, every iOS device IS a computer kids. So Apple’s success in computers are FAR more pronounced that this limited report indicates. So there. Better sell all your AAPL before Apple implodes into grey goo. 😉

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