Apple offers free art classes in stores around the world

“Apple wants more people to deploy their technology in the name of art,” Anne Quito reports for Quartz.

“”On Jan. 7, it launched Start Something New, a series of free art classes in retail stores around the world,” Quito reports. “One of the planned workshops will teach users iPad sketching techniques, while another demonstrates how to use the iPhone’s sophisticated camera to capture artistic images—apparently, there’s more to mobile than moody selfies.”

“At the launch event in New York City, painter Tiffany Bozic demonstrated how she transformed an iPhone photograph of a bird into a luminous painting, using the iPad and the Apple Pencil,” Quito reports. “The Digital Plein Air Society in San Francisco, California showcases some stellar examples of outdoor paintings created on tablets. (Claude Monet would feel right at home here if he was alive today.)”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Even prior to the amazing iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, the iPad has proven to be an extremely capable device for drawing/painting:


  1. What a fucking joke! Apple abandoned millions of once loyal users when it dumped Aperture, but has the gall to spend it’s resources on this. Thanks once again Apple! Pricks!

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