Apple Watch 2 rumored to go into trial production this month

“For the past few months, more and more clues hinting at the Watch 2 emerged, and by the sound of it, the gadget should offer a dedicated Wi-Fi chip, as well as a Facetime camera along other upgrades / updates in the health and medical department,” Mihai Matei reports for G For Games.

“New rumors have it that Quanta could push the Watch 2 into trial production sometime by the end of this month,” Matei reports. “Back in November, Quanta’s chairman was quoted as saying that Apple’s next smartwatch has an ‘end of Q2 2016’ release timeframe.”

Matei reports, “Reportedly, Apple could also rely on other partners (including Foxconn, Inventec, and Wistron) in order to increase production capacity if needed.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As with the original Apple Watch, we plan to be Day One Apple Watch 2 owners, too. Hopefully, unlike last time and with Apple Pencil, Apple will have a good supply of Apple Watch units on hand at launch!


  1. Many people are expecting a new Apple Watch to be produced every year or less. They are expecting Apple to release a new Apple TV every year or less. expecting a new Mac Pro every year or less, expecting a new Mac Mini every year or less, and also a new MacBook Pro every year or less. Does Apple actually do that ?

  2. If you are expecting FaceTime, prepare to be disappointed until probably version 3 or 4. They need to get the form factor modern first and less bulky.
    Anyone remember Google Glass and the privacy issues? How far off that is a watch with a video camera? No one wants a Dick Tracy watch more than I do, but I don’t expect it in version 2. Apples history proves they increment major features one a time to drive the continuous upgrade cycle.
    The watch is more like the iPad and doesn’t have to be upgraded as often. My iPad 2 is still too good to upgrade.

    1. I love the WATCH form factor. It is not bulky at all. Have you noticed that Steven Colbert is wearing his WATCH every day now? I hope they keep the same form factor, reduce necessary chip space with a faster more efficient 14-16nm SOC and use the freed up space for a bigger better battery.

  3. I’m gonna use the introduction of the WATCH 2 as an excuse to switch from my Space Gray 42mm WATCH SPORT to the Gold 42mm with Midnight Blue band WATCH SPORT. I love that recently introduced classic Navy Blue and Gold combination still for only $399. Makes the WATCH Edition look both gaudy and unnecessarily expensive.

    If this report is true then I imagine Apple will use the June WWDC to reveal it. Looking forward to also being a day one adopter of WATCH 2 as I was of the original last April.😍⌚️🎉🔜

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