Apple critics and the idiot brigade

Apple’s recent “stock price drop was, in part, triggered by rumors, not confirmed, that some supply chain vendors had reported cutbacks in orders from Apple. Unfortunately media and financial analysts have poor memories, and thus didn’t recall the last time this happened, in late 2012, weeks after the release of the iPhone 5s,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “That, by the way, was perceived as a failure by some, and its little brother, the iPhone 5c was labeled a dud. Only there’s no evidence that either failed to meet or exceed Apple’s sales expectations.”

“Now in recent days there have been a few juicy tidbits that serve as a reality check for the latest supply chain scuttlebutt. One is the report that sales of non-Android smartphones in China are way up, to the tune of 33%. Since most of those smartphones are built by Apple, you can see that stories of a sales slowdown don’t quite wash,” Steinberg writes. “That’s just one set of numbers. The other is a report of record earnings by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., or TSMC. This is one of the key chip fabs used by Apple to build A-9 series processors. So if sales of competing products are essentially moribund, where’s all that action coming from anyway?”

“Kudos to AppleInsider’s Daniel Eran Dilger for actually doing the legwork to come up with these reports,” Steinberg writes. “You wonder why so-called tech or mainstream reported from the big media companies aren’t publishing this information.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Eventually, the truth always wins out.

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      1. Dear kent/citizen,

        This is Mac Daily News, perhaps you meant to post on Fox? This blog is about all things Apple, not politics, and in particular, American politics. This blog is read by people from all over the world who don’t care about US politics. It is also read by people who know the difference between socialism and communism, and that nothing about America smacks of either of these political ideologies. You add nothing and take a great deal away from the conversation.

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  2. The idiot brigades are winning while loyal Apple shareholders are losing. As long as gonad-less investors are willing to believe the lies, the stock is going nowhere. Even though Apple did less than nothing in 2015, it’s still getting hit as hard as any of the biggest 2015 share gainers. What we have here is a dead shark of an investment. When the market rebounds next week, the big gainers will make big gains again and Apple will barely recover its losses.

    So what if Apple’s losses are created by lies? All that proves is the people who owned Apple are nothing but wusses who throw away their stock over rumors and speculation. What good is a company that doesn’t instill confidence in investors to the point they’ll believe any negative rumors? There’s no way I’m going to sell my Apple stock or any stock based on unconfirmed articles coming from China or some other country after I’ve been told by the company’s CEO I can’t rely on that sort of information. Apple stock owners are really a pathetic bunch scared of every little thing. Apple isn’t Walmart or Sears. Not even close.

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  3. I’m not at all sure that this action is caused by Hedge fund’s who have big positions in Apple, shorting the stock, selling their shares to drive the price down, and will then repurchase at the bottom and ride the wave back up. They make money both ways.

  4. 1-33% increas in none android phones in china..
    2-TSMC beats the estimate… Most profitable year.
    3-Apple releases data on record breaking holiday season app store revenue

    All of the above are facts.

    Everything else we have heard that has hammeted the stiock is a rumor, speculation or Fud.

    How come there are no articles or headlines On the above 3 flooding the media ?

  5. Investors INVEST in a company based on the strength of a company and on it doing what is right. They look long term, knowing that things go up and down.

    Speculators bet on a company stock going up or down and have NO INTEREST in the functioning of a company or if it even continues to exist. The money made in the shortest possible time is the ONLY thing that matters.
    I invest in Apple. I also speculate with a few dollars buying when it dips low and selling when I think it hits a high. So far I have never lost money in Apple, but then again, I never sell for less than I paid for a stock. Just saying.

    Hope that helps make sense.

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