Apple’s iPhone 6s/Plus: The fastest smartphone of 2015 by a huge margin

“Apple’s iPhone 6s was hailed as a major step forward,” Stacy Liberatore reports for The Daily Mail. “The latest benchmarking figures reveal that Apple wasn’t kidding when it boasted of its ‘speed bump’ and the firm’s new A9 chip.”

“According to a new table from AnTuTu, it was the fastest phone of the year – by a huge margin,” Liberatore reports. “The latest iOS handset led the pack with 132,620 points, which is 41 percent higher than the runner-up.”

Liberatore reports, “AnTuTu is a leading benchmark app for Android devices and it tests various parts of the device and the gives an overall score, which can be compared with other devices.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Only iPhone offers users state-of-the-art Apple A-series processors. All other so-called smartphones simply cannot compete.


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