Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep to offer Apple’s CarPlay in vehicles

“FCA, the parent company of Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep branded cars, has a new version of its Uconnect infotainment system that will support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto,” Wayne Cunningham reports for CNET.

“The new version, according to FCA, will feature hardware upgrades resulting in better response and processing,” Cunningham reports. “The addition of a capacitive touchscreen also allows support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.”

“With these features, iPhone and Android phone users can plug their smartphones into the car, making use of their phone’s navigation, texting and other apps, through voice and touch commands,” Cunningham reports. “With the adoption of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, FCA joins GM, Honda, Hyundai, Audi and a growing list of automakers supporting these features.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Add even more brands to the burgeoning list of CarPlay supporters!

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  1. Having recently driven Chevrolet Cruze, I can say that the CarPlay works perfectly. The touchscreen provides a simplified representation of the iOS interface, with compatible apps showing the available features and functionality and it all works flawlessly. I had a rental car, so I needed to set it up quickly (or not bother). The set-up was essentially a zero-effort. As soon as I connected the lightning cable, it all worked.

    Having driven previously cars with Microsoft’s Sync, I can say the experience is night and day. MS was confusing mess of unintuitive and inconsistent menus.

    I haven’t tried Google’s, since I don’t do Android.

  2. Carplay isn’t enough to make me ever buy a FIAT Chrysler product. With rare exception, they are, and always have been, near the bottom of quality & reliability & fuel economy & depreciation ratings.

    I would be happier if Apple and Google and Microsoft kept their hands out of the production automobile. Almost by definition, built-in electronics are a horrible value. The automobile has a useful life of a decade or more. Cell phones and iPads perhaps half of that. Everyone with a new cell phone has more power in his pocket than practically any dashboard unit that rolled off the assembly line last year. So doesn’t it make sense to put a proper dock for an iPad in the center console instead of wasting time and money in an automotive system that will be obsolete/incompatible/unsupported in 5 years or less?

      1. I had a friend with a Jeep Wrangler. Amongst the many problems and broken parts, of all things, the oil fill cap broke. How shoddy does a car have to be to have such a simple thing be so poorly made?

        I would love to test your claim about being bullet proof.

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