Apple unlikely to offer iPhones with OLED screens before 2018

“There’s more talk of Apple switching its iPhone displays from traditional LCD screens to flexible OLED panels,” Kevin Tofel reports for ZDNet. “Reuters on Wednesday reported that Samsung and LG are both “close to a final agreement” to supply the screens.”

“Don’t get too excited though: It’s highly unlikely that the next iPhone in 2016 will use the power-efficient displays. Instead, 2018 makes more sense,” Tofel reports. “That’s because neither Samsung nor LG has the capability to supply enough OLED panels to Apple now.”

“Even by combining their production lines, they’d have to build and deliver around 200 million panels to Apple, based on current annual iPhone sales,” Tofel reports. “The two companies are reportedly spending $12.8 billion together — $8.67 billion by LG alone — in order to build up their OLED production capacity as a result and that’s going to take time.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote in October:

Our Apple Watches’ OLED displays certainly do look gorgeous. If Apple can be assured of the quality level and lifespan they require for iPhone, we could see them making the move to OLED for iPhones, too.

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  1. Samsung and LG Are Close to Signing Contracts with Apple about Supplying OLED.
    Samsung and LG Display are going to supply OLEDs to Apple. They were able to achieve big settlement with them now having to just write signatures on final contracts. To mass-produce flexible OLEDs for next iPhones, Samsung Display and LG Display are going to invest total of $12.8 billion (15 trillion KRW) for 2 to 3 years.
    According to industries on the 29th, Apple has entered final stage of contracts regarding receiving supplies of OLEDs from Samsung Display and LG Display. LG Display, which had had experience in delivering panels to Apple, has had relatively smooth contract discussions. It is heard that all that LG Display has left to do is now to sign on final contract.

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