“According to a report from Korean ET News (via DigiTimes), Apple has recently added Samsung Display to its Apple Watch supply chain,” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool. “Additionally, the report claims that Samsung is currently sampling Apple with OLED displays for use in a next-generation iPhone.”

“The report claims that Apple will make a decision in November as to whether it will incorporate OLEDs into its next-generation iPhone or if it will ultimately end up using LCDs,” Eassa writes. “Apple CEO Tim Cook said back in 2013 that OLED displays were ‘awful.’ In particular, his beef with such displays at the time was that the color saturation was poor. Since then, top-tier OLED displays have actually seen major advances in image quality and color accuracy… Additionally, DigiTimes recently reported that one of the concerns Apple has with respect to OLEDs is the lifespan of such displays. Unless a potential supplier can offer Apple OLEDs with similar lifespans to LCD alternatives, then OLED-based iPhone 7/7 Plus devices may be a no-go this round.”

“OLEDs also offer a number of advantages over LCDs, including perfect black levels (which implies an infinite contrast ratio) and the lack of need for a backlight, which can help enable thinner devices,” Eassa writes. “In my view, moving to an OLED display for the iPhone 7/7 Plus could help enable a major boost in display quality from the iPhone 6s/6s Plus.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Our Apple Watches’ OLED displays certainly do look gorgeous. If Apple can be assured of the quality level and lifespan they require for iPhone, we could see them making the move to OLED for iPhones, too.