Apple’s 4-inch ‘iPhone 6c’ said to feature A9 processor, 2 GB RAM, and a larger battery

“Details on Apple’s so-called ‘iPhone 6c’ were published on Tuesday by, and first spotted by Gadgetz Arena,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider. “According to alleged sources at Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn, the new 4-inch iPhone will go into production in January for an early 2016 launch.”

“The ‘iPhone 6c’ is expected to feature a 1,642mAh battery, an increase from the 1,570mAh battery found in Apple’s current entry-level model, the iPhone 5s,” Hughes reports. “In addition, the handset is rumored to feature slightly curved ‘2.5D’ glass, similar to the curved edges on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s… The ‘iPhone 6c’ is expected to look largely the same as the iPhone 5s. For example, the ‘6c’ is said to come in three colors — space gray, gold, and silver… The new handset is also expected to feature the same 4-inch display with a 1,136-by-640-pixel resolution.”

“Internally, it’s expected to be upgraded to an A9 processor… [and] is expected to have 2 gigabytes of RAM, just like the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus,” Hughes reports. “As for pricing, sources reportedly said that the “iPhone 6c” will start at 4,000 yuan, which equals about $617 U.S., for a 16-gigabyte model.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If so, this sounds very much like the premium, full-featured 4-inch iPhone for which most of those who are still interested in 4-inch iPhones are looking.

Earlier this month, we ran a poll asking: “Want a 4-inch iPhone? What’s the LEAST it’d take for you to buy one?”

A whopping 84% wanted the same features and specs as current-gen iPhones.

The full results (576 votes):
• 67.88%: Only if it offered the same materials, features, and specs as current-gen iPhones
• 16.15%: In a polycarbonate case, but with the same features and specs as current-gen iPhones
• 12.5%: Whatever, I don’t care, as long as it’s got a 4-inch screen
• 3.47%: In a polycarbonate case with “last year’s” iPhone features and specs


  1. The key will be whether this 4″ iPhone will include 3D Touch or not.

    3D Touch is absolute must for all future devices, it will work everything. In the future, our children and grandchildren will not even be able to comprehend, how it could be that phones in the past were not able to understand whether you touch or press them.

    For this reason, iPads and iPod touches were no buy this year; it would be worth to wait for next year, when 3D Touch-enabled versions will be released. This includes even iPad Pro — unless you are drawer, it is worthy to wait for “iPad Pro 2” next year.

  2. When we said larger battery I don’t think a marginal 4% increase meets the mark, it’s more like 40% extra.
    What’s needed is a weekender phone – one that allows you to go out on Friday night after work without worrying that your communications with the rest of the world will cease around 10am on Saturday if you don’t make it back home to your charger!

    1. You must factor in the A9, iOS 9, and other efficiencies when figuring battery life. The size of the battery alone is but one variable in the equation. The iPhone 5s battery is working with an Apple A7 processor (28 nm HKMG). This rumored “iPhone 6c” will have an A9 (14/16nm FinFET). That’s a very big difference.

    2. Apple delivered “all day battery life” with the 6+. Anything more and you can live with charging it overnight when you’re sleeping. A weekender phone would be like two stacked 6+ phones. Get yourself a battery case, maybe that’ll address your phobia.

  3. If one wants to see the phone, go to an Apple Store and pick up an iPod touch and imagine it a tad thicker with antenna lines.

    It is genius to introduce it in March/April. If introduced in September it would be regarded as old technology. Introduced in March or April it will be considered current technology on a different update cycle. They will be able to charge for current rather than discount old technology. Very smart.

  4. 600 + dollars?

    Will sell like the Apple Watch.
    But @ $149 – $229 will sell like crazy.
    That’s for 64 gigabyte version to 128 gigabyte version.
    People would buy a pair and a spare.

      1. If 49% of all new device activations ( over the holidays is an indication, there are a LOT of “premium” customers, or that “premium” standard is pretty low.

        Apple should price this (and the iPad mini and Mac Mini) at a slightly lower margin, get people hooked and upgrade them to a new phone/computer/tablet/tv device. Once you are in the ecosystem, you tend to stay.

  5. i had my 4S for 4 years and miss the size very much, my current 6S is too big, very uncomfortable to put in my trouser pockets and then go up the stairs or sit at a restaurant. No such issues with the 4S. Also when I go to apple store and hold the ipod Touch I wish that was my phone. Will upgrade to the iPhone 7 mini as soon as they come out. Not keen or 3d touch or live photo as I hardly use them but the rest of the 6S hardware is spot on, the smaller 4/5S & current ipod touch size is what I want my next phone to be

    1. I went straight from a 4S to a 6+. Looking at my old phone now is comical, but I understand that the size makes a difference depending on the size of the user. I’m looking to buy my girlfriend her first iPhone, and I think the 5S is the best form factor for her, but it’d be better with updated internals.

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