Apple Music and Apple Maps among top 10 U.S. smartphone apps

From videos to music to apps, digital was at the forefront of consumers’ and marketers’ minds this year.

As 2015 comes to a close, Nielsen looked at some of the top trends in digital, including the top U.S. smartphone apps.

In 2015, Facebook again took the lead as the top smartphone app. The social networking app had more than 126 million average unique users each month, a growth of 8% from last year. YouTube came in second with over 97 million average unique users each month, followed by Facebook Messenger with more than 96 million average unique users each month.

The apps with highest year-over-year change was Facebook Messenger with a 31% increase in users from 2014, and Apple Music, with a 26% growth.

Nielsen Top U.S. Smartphone Apps of 2015

Source: The Nielsen Company

MacDailyNews Take: Not a bad showing for Apple Music, which just debuted on June 30th or for just four months of the ten that Nielsen’s data covers (January-October 2015) and not counting iPad users.


  1. You have to hand it to Google. But I cringe at the usage of Google Play because Google continues to allow considerable malware into their app store. For their sake, I hope 2016 kicks them into gear destroying both malware infections and fragmandroid. It could happen! 😉

  2. Facebook is not a Smart Phone app. Facebook is malware masquerading as an app, unless you have no problem being sold like a product. Not very smart for a “smartphone”.

    Meanwhile, I compare Apple Maps to Google as I go places and Apple Maps are getting steadily less sucky. The routing still sucks as it recommends routes that are- to be generous- less than optimal.

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