Apple’s next-gen iPhone rumored to be ‘waterproof’

Taiwan-based Catcher Technology will “remain as the largest chassis supplier for Apple’s upcoming new iPhone products, according to the Chinese-language Commercial Times citing a report from a research firm,” Joseph Tsai reports for Digitizes.

“The upcoming new iPhone products are rumored to be water-proof,” Tsai reports, “and use new compound materials to hide the antenna, the paper said.”

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    1. “Liquidmetal” LOL I think that is like “Sapphire Screens” – it just didn’t work out like they thought it would. I would like to know the “backstory” on why we never saw anything from it (other than one part…what was it a rocker arm?”

    1. And you’re gonna eBay it as a barely used mint iPhone, aren’t you?This is exactly why I don’t buy used c**p from eBay. You just never know where it’s been.

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