Drexel Hamilton analyst pegs Apple among top four 2016 stock picks

“Drexel Hamilton’s Brian White today outlines his top four picks for 2016: Apple (AAPL), Hadoop software distributor Hortonworks (HDP), Red Hat (RHT), and Tableau Software (DATA),” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

“White’s overarching theme is ‘muted’ tech spending in 2016, but a continuation of ‘secular trends,’ including big data, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, mobile, open source software, and the rise of software in importance generally,” Ray reports.

“For Apple, on which he bestows a $200 price target, he calls it his ‘top mega-cap tech pick for 2016’ and thinks the company will benefit from an iPhone 7 later in the year, and ‘growing momentum’ for the Apple Watch,” Ray reports. “Apple will continue to make progress in China and India, he thinks, and its competitors will stumble.”

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MacDailyNews Take: From your lips to Mr. Market’s ears, Brian.


    1. He “thinks the company will benefit from an iPhone 7 later in the year”

      With insights as astute as that, he’s obviously cut out to be an analyst. How could the rest of us ever hope to work out things like that all by ourselves?

  1. Adnaan Ahmed of Berenberg Bank, Germany’s top investment bank, has been known for his long-standing, super-bearish stance on AAPL stock. Recently, the bank laid off Ahmed and Fortune reports that his firing is tied to his repeated doom-and-gloom commentary on Apple stock. (Source: “Apple Doomsayer Fired,” Fortune, December 28, 2015.)

  2. How dare Brian White use more than a single brain cell and come up with a insightful prediction that Apple will do quite well in 2016?

    He needs to be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail! He must learn the simple fact that Apple is forever doomed no matter how well it is doing and no matter what products are being sold or will be sold in the future!

  3. Following Apple on a day by day basis is like a scary roller-coaster ride. So many ups and downs. I don’t really know who to believe anymore. I suspect most of Apple’s bad news is being made up by the news media but I think there are definitely some holes in Apple’s overall business that need to be closed. This is only as far as Apple’s stock value is concerned. Apple simply isn’t given enough credit for having a future and that really bothers me.

    I’m unable to see a company’s future six months from now like these Wall Street people say they can. The tech business changes too rapidly and decisions can be made on any day that can turn a company around. A company that’s secretive doesn’t give out advance notice about future projects, so investors or analysts can’t really know what’s going to happen. I simply don’t understand why Apple is always seen in a negative light as much as it is. They’re claiming Apple has nothing in its pipeline but they said exactly that before Apple introduced the iPhone 6 and that changed a lot for Apple.

    It frightens me to think Wall Street is being run by people being paid to make up lies or half-truths. That’s just too dishonest for honest people trying to make good investments.

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