Analyst: Wall Street is too negative on Apple

“Apple will have a good 2016 because of low sentiment, better growth comparisons, and new products, according to one tech analyst,” Maria Boden reports for CNBC.

“Tim Long of BMO Capital Markets says Wall Street is too concerned about near-term unit sales and sees a buying opportunity at these current levels,” Boden reports. “‘We’re still pretty optimistic on the long-term and we think in the near-term the Street is just being too negative on some of the reads from the supply chain,’ Long said.”

“Also making Long bullish is the newly implemented phone upgrade plans which he says could drive further upside for future sales,” Boden reports. “‘We think these new models for selling these devices is going to create a good upgrade rate and keep people with the higher-end devices, so Apple will be able to maintain their history of having very stable, if not growing, average selling prices.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Gee, ya think?

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  1. Wall Street isn’t into long-term insight. It’s all about which company can make the quickest short-term share gains. Forget any company that can’t double their sales or revenue every quarter which is just crazy. No company can keep that up so it’s jump from one company to another chasing that rainbow’s pot of gold.

    It’s likely Apple’s major growth period is over and only small gains will be made in the future but I still don’t see how that makes the company all that less valuable than say Netflix or Microsoft.

    1. Factual Insanity:

      MSFT’s current P/E ratio is 36.29. AAPL’s current P/E ration is 12.64.

      That is, Microsoft’s stock is presently 3 times more “desirable” in Wall Street’s opinion than Apple Inc. Can you freaking believe that?

  2. So let me get this straight. Notwithstanding that Apple =/ AAPL, you want to sack the guy who has increased Apple’s production efficiency over the last 15 years by unheard of levels in industry, made similar improvements to Apple’s war chest, sales share, kept the boat floating free as a bird while everyone and his dog predicted doom post Steve Jobs RIP…then install some corporate droid whose only interest is rewarding the manipulating blood suckers on Wall Street?

    1. Wall Street has always had a problem with Apple. Even with Steve Jobs leading.

      3D Touch is not innovative?
      Apple Pay is not innovative?
      New Mac Pro is not innovative?
      Swift programming language is not innovative?
      iPad pro and Pencil?
      Research kit?
      Not innovative? What???

    2. Bingo! Welcome aboard a ship gathering more and more who speak the inescapable truth of what’s wrong with AAPL and what’s wrong with Apple Inc. Until that changes, nothing will regardless of the clear message Wall Street keeps sending over and over and over and …

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