In Depth: A month with Apple’s iPad Pro

“After spending a month with the top-end iPad Pro – 128GB of storage and Wi-Fi/LTE connectivity – I can confirm my initial impressions from last month: The first version of Apple’s tablets to go bigger rather than smaller is fast, responsive, lasts all day on battery, and with optional accessories like the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, I expect it to further encroach on the territory of traditional laptops in the office,” Michael deAgonia writes for Computerworld.

“Without the right software, even the best-looking hardware is a brick. It’s clear many of iOS 9’s features were designed with the iPad Pro in mind. Specifically, Slide Over, Split View and Picture in Picture really take advantage of the larger screen,” deAgonia writes. “I’ve found I can be as productive writing on the iPad Pro (working with Safari on one half of the screen and Pages on the other half) as I am using a similar setup on my 15-in. MacBook Pro.”

“There’s no denying the iPad Pro is a productivity device. I’ve written many reviews on my iPads, but the Pro is particularly adept at getting things done,” deAgonia writes. “This review was written on the iPad Pro; about 85% written and researched sitting on my lap in landscape, without any accessories at all. The other 15% of my time was spent trying out the two keyboards.”

Much more in the full review here.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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  1. I have been using mine for two weeks now and feel I can most task that done on my old Air. However I am not impressed by some of the glitches that turn up due to software screen painting issue due to screen size. Also by fixing the number of apps displayed on the large screen makes it look like I have issues with my sight. It would nice to adjust the view beyond the standard zoom feature. I will wait to give it an A plus after some upgrades that remove these and other quirks.

  2. Same one I got. As I always say regarding iPads, the difference between wifi only and cellular is the same as between and iPod touch and an iPhone. Go cellular, it’s worth it.

    I absolutely love the iPad Pro. The screen is huge, but I’ve also already gotten so used to it that I know I can never turn back. It even makes my iPhone 6s Plus feel small in my hand after I’ve used it for a while lol. That hasn’t happened in a while.

    Productivity in iOS 9 is, to me, basically the same for an iPad Air 2 or an iPad Pro, but the real estate is where it really enhances your productivity from a hardware perspective. Studies have been done so many times showing how productivity increases with screen size. It’s great using full size screens in split screen mode because your display is so enormous. I love it.

  3. Can somebody explain how you do object linking and embedding or some of the other simple tasks computers 20 years ago were able to do, like drag and drop and image from one window to another.

    Alrighty then.

    1. 1. Object linking/embedding: use the share button and select the link icon depending on the app.

      2. Drag and drop: open split view and drag and drop. Alternatively, hit the share button, and open in the app you want to share with.

      ….do you use iOS 9? Or are you acting like a Luddite because you can’t learn new stuff?

      1. VOR identifies a few poignant ways iOS is inferior to the OS X:

        1) Functions are buried under mislabeled buttons. The user has to “Share” in order to link objects or search a web page for text. Makes about as much sense as hitting “Start” to shut down in Windows.

        2) Every function that used to be done in simple actions on the desktop takes MANY steps in iOS. Click, swipe, move, oops not enough precision to select text, try again …. it’s just endless frustration.

        Let me add the biggest problem: file management and sharing of files outside the Apple iOS corral. With iOS, the constraints are painful.

        iOS makes for a great phone interface. There is not, and never will be, anything “pro” about it. Anything you can do on your iPad can be done faster on a Mac equipped with the right accessories. The portability that slim devices offer is nice, and the artistic options opened up with larger iPads is nice, but when it comes time to manage files/versions and do serious calculation and merging of content from non-Apple users, the real world often demands a Mac.

        VOR, do you like calling people luddites because you’re arrogant, or are you overcompensating for your weakling physique? See how incivility sounds when you’re on the receiving end, VOR? Let’s cut the crap and act like adults.

        1. I share your conviction that iOS (in its current form) is quite suboptimal for file management. But I would posit that OS X and Windows could be greatly improved as well.

          At work I’m on a Windows machine (not my choice) where I manage thousands of files through a combination of hierarchical folders and file naming conventions. I keep it clean and well structured but it’s a manual process for every single file. Meta tags can also be applied but the current implementation isn’t very useful.

          I see a huge opportunity for Apple to automate file naming, tagging, searching and sorting in the Finder. They could make it dead simple for the machine to manage your files with minimal intervention. HFS should become a real relational database. But you shouldn’t be a database expert to use it. The user should be able to manually intervene in any part of the file management process but the default should be fully automated. If it can be done on OS X it can be done in iOS.

    2. Can somebody explain why these new fangled automobiles don’t do anything when you hit them with the buggy whip. And when I poured oats into the gas tank, the whole thing stopped working at all!

      Alrighty then.

      1. Moving from a Mac to an iPad is more like going back to the horse and buggy. To make matters even worse, you can only buy oats from Apple (App store) and they had better conform to Apple’s guidelines (sandboxing).

  4. I absolutely love the iPad Pro. I wrote the long review as “Anonymous” in the comments section of the article. It really is everything I’ve always wanted in an iPad and more. I’ve had the 2, 4 and the Air and the Pro finally is the iPad I can use for work and business besides content consumption.

    To me, the MBP is about getting something done *now* and fast. With the iPP and the Apple Pencil, I can daydream to create – even for business purposes to brainstorm, plan, manage projects, outline, annotate and design processes. I never really wanted to do that kind of stuff on the Mac. For me, it’s a whole new way of working and that’s why I find the iPP so powerful and versatile.

  5. The tablet will one day replace the laptop but not until it gets a full OS like OS X. IOS is not nearly on the same level as OS X, not even close. It’s almost like comparing a toy hammer to a real hammer.

    I’m interested in getting an iPad Pro for the bigger screen, more RAM, and faster processor. I’ve got no interest in it because I think it can take on any of what I use my MBP for. It’s simply a bigger iPad for most people.

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