Windows Phone and Android are failures

“There is a reason why large companies have a number of bean counters. Numbers are important. Some numbers are more valuable than others. Sure, Microsoft’s Windows operating system has about 80-percent or so of the worldwide PC market, and Apple’s OS X and the Mac, despite record sales, are left in the dust,” Kate MacKenzie writes for Mac360. “Uh huh. Sure. Except that Apple’s Mac continues to sell record numbers every quarter and now holds more than half of the entire PC industry’s profits.”

“Windows Phone is Windows on a smartphone. Or, rather, on very few smartphones. It’s the Windows people love to hate but in your hand,” MacKenzie writes. “Windows Phone is a fail. Sooner or later the bean counters will force the company’s deluded executives to Think Different™ and do what they did to former CEO Steve Ballmer.”

“What about Android, Google’s incredibly popular mobile device operating system? It owns over 80-percent of the smartphone and tablet industry’s market share,” MacKenzie writes. “What else? Nothing. Only Samsung, the premier Android device maker, makes sufficient profits to count, and those are nearly 20-times less than Apple’s which make up about 95-percent of the entire industry’s profits.”

“Windows Phone? Android? They’re dead,” MacKenzie writes. “All we’re waiting for is the obituaries and the funerals.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The minute after Apple dumps Google as iOS’s default search engine, Alphabet Inc. will be gasping for air. That’s a lot of revenue and nearly all of the prime customers to lose in an instant. Apple CEO Tim Cook holds all the cards.

Google’s going to rue the day they got greedy by deciding to try to work against Apple instead of with them.MacDailyNews, March 9, 2010

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  1. I have to use a Windows Phone for work. It is the worst piece of garbage out there. Badly designed hardware & software. No wonder the only people using it are through enterprise – why would anybody possibly choose it for personal use?

    1. Different strokes for different folks . . . My family and employees have been using WP for quite a while, and I have heard few complaints, none of which related to the OS or hardware.

    2. I had a Windows Phone. It was way better than Android.

      While my iPhone experience is superior in every way, I did not hate Windows Phone. In some ways, it was very good. Hardware is very decent for a low cost smartphone, OS does what it’s supposed to do, and intergration with Mac OS X is better than Android’s.

      Of course, being in an Apple ecosystem, no integration with iTunes, is a big issue. Plus, the lack of my favorite apps was a big issue. And, of course, Google sabotaging it is an issue (Waze in WP is outdated, flawed, and Google has no intentions to fix it).

      But, add good apps to the Windows Phone, and it’s a very good phone.

      Android is a mess. Awful apps, awful user experience, awful integration… my experience was awful.

      1. Your right.. If we get the apps . Android and windows phones are the future. Their are a thousand different phones for all types of people…why would u ever want a piece of hardware that u can’t make your own? Apples os is garb. And every one is oblivious. Why pay more for every god damn thing that comes out of apples r and d department… Hey apple why don’t u call it a stylus.. No u need to call it the apple pencil.. Why not put a bigger battery in their phones? So they can sell u an over priced piece of shit back plat they ripped off from some where else.. Apple is not innovating their stealing, and slapping a chewed up apple on it doesn’t make that ok. This article is garbage too. Such tragedy that they let this kind of shit get published

        1. Android is winning… winning at being the most fragmented product in all of computing history. At least they’re winning at something. Thousands of devices that aren’t getting required software updates and security patches. Yeah… that’s great.

          Where as the iPhone has GUARANTEED software updates!!!! Let me repeat that again. The iPhone has GUARANTEED software updates!!!! If you care one damn bit about the security of the data that you hold on your mobile device, you buy an iPhone!

    3. I have an iPhone in the same boat. It’s useless and slow. I have to carry around a Windows Phone to get anything done of a personal nature. I have an Android for a house phone that gets turned on a half dozen times a year. No one phone will do what everyone wants.

      1. I’d be nice if you’d stay here, but as a Win phone user I just might have to start annoying you coreheads so you might leave win phone fans to our crappy ecosystem without trolling our sites!

      2. I think you meant to say this is Mac Daily “News”.

        But yeah, total fanboy article on a fanboy site. The only thing is that people will believe everything they read on the internet, so they’ll think that iOS has no real competition, which is just false. Besides, competition breeds innovation, so I welcome it.

    1. Oh my, the Vapors, I’ve been overcome by the vapors. A harsh word about Apple rivals on an Apple enthusiast web page. My dear, Virginia, have we lost all human kindness? The Vapors, the vapors.

  2. Google’s strategy with Android is simply to gain market share in order to sell advertising. To date that has worked well for Google, except in China where Android is forked and Google has no presence. Android remains popular enough in the The Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe for Google to generate lots of ad dollars, so this strategy still gets a tick.

    Chinese Android manufacturers operate like mini Googles, generating their own soft dollars from their installed base of forked Android phones and tablets, so this strategy continues to work for them, mostly.

    Samsung is still making enough profits to justify continuing with their Android phone strategy and have realised that their own o/s will never amount to anything. So Samsung isn’t going away.

    Sony and the rest of the Android bunch are in the market at a loss but reluctant to drop out because mobile is such a critical market if you want to be in IT. However I expect to see changes here and various unprofitable handset manufacturers will face reality and focus their energies elsewhere.

    Microsoft will keep plugging away at their “Windows everywhere” strategy and that means hanging on in the handset market, despite slow sales. They have various strategies to lift sales, including making it easy for iOS developers to build Windows versions of their apps. If they put some $$ behind this, and if they can find one or two killer apps, then Windows market share might begin to look more solid. They are in this market for the long term and they are improving their product. I expect Windows phone market share to slowly increase, and Microsoft will benefit from the withdrawal of unprofitable Android handset manufacturers when/if that happens.

    Apple’s app advantage has largely disappeared – developers are writing for android and iOS and most apps are on both platforms now. Apple’s user-spend advantage in the US is disappearing fast – more $$ were spent on Black Friday by iOS users, but the gap has narrowed significantly. Android users are no longer just the cheapskates!

    But iPhone remains the glamour product in all markets and Apple is able to generate huge profits and increasing revenues. Whether the revenue curve changes as the market becomes saturated remains to be seen.

    If the rumours of a 4″ iPhone are correct, then this may be the start of an iPod-like strategy by Apple to create products for lower price points. If they can do this without cannibalising their flagship products this will likely lead to market share gains.

    Android continues to build market share in tablets. This is a problem for Apple and it’s hard to see what they can really do here – iPad Pro is unlikely to generate enough sales to make a dent here, unless the Pro approach is adopted across the range – even then, android works well enough for most tablet users. Apple’s relationship with IBM may squeeze Microsoft in the corporate market, but it won’t have an impact on personal users.

    If Apple do not renew the agreement with Google to specify Google Search as the default on iOS, and if users accept this and don’t change the default back, this will hit Google’s revenues but it won’t change their strategy nor Android’s market share.

    I also expect the replacement cycle for phones to increase as the incremental improvements have less and less impact. We are some way from that happening and Apple continues to find new use cases for phones (ApplePay, Health, Siri) and drives processor speed increases. Eventually, however, new features or specs will mean less to users and they will keep their phones longer.

    Android and Windows phones are here to stay. The author of this article is just showing wishful thinking…

    1. “Windows market share might begin to look more solid.”

      Windows is finished. Name one, recent Windows-based product that has survived a minimum of two years. Millions upon millions of people now own iPhones and/or iPads. These people will not purchase another craposoft product unless they sniff glue for a living.

      “more $$ were spent on Black Friday by iOS users, but the gap has narrowed significantly.”

      Yeah, but in 2015 a commanding 78.3% of all mobile purchases were done on iOS devices. In 2014 that number was 79.9%. This means Apple users continue to dominate mobile commerce.

      “iPad Pro is unlikely to generate enough sales to make a dent here”

      Apple is on track to sell around 15 million iPad Pro’s this quarter (less than 2 months of sales) They sold 21.5 million TOTAL iPads during the December 2014 quarter. This means the iPad Pro is kicking ass.

      The iPad Pro growth is expected to continue in 2016.

      1. “Name one, recent Windows-based product that has survived a minimum of two years”

        You can’t be serious, right? Maybe, um, Windows? or Office? Or any number of desktop and laptop systems that run the platform?

        Unless you mean specifically hardware? In that case, the Surface line of tablets. Also, the Xbox systems. Both of those are huge products, and (now) make money for the company.

        Your figures about mobile purchases on iOS devices don’t really say too much other than people who own iOS devices spend more money through those devices than owner of other devices, as a whole. I’m sure this figure would still hold up even when normalized to amount spent per user, but it still doesn’t say anything about the success of the OS, just that people like to buy things via their iOS devices.

        IPad has been a huge product for apple, but there have been a lot of recent (and not so recent) analysis of their sales, and sales have been declining for some time. In fact, while it still holds the majority (and the iPad Pro has been a boon to sales), IOS tablets are losing market share now that it has much better competitors, and it is unclear if it will be enough to reverse this trend. (i.e.

        I saw the article you linked, and that is a really nice anecdote about a target audience who would make good use of the iPad pro. But that doesn’t really say much about the market as a whole. It would be just as meaningful as me telling you that my company recently adopted the Surface Pro line and it is supported in the Enterprise environment – then using this story to assert that MS is dominating the business market with it’s Surface line. While that was a true story, it hardly means much in the grand scheme of the market, just in my particular use case.

        1. First, I’m not some neophyte and have maintained networks, programmed servers and began coding with MS SQL and VB two decades ago. I have owned dozens of HP, Dell, Samsung, Toshiba and Sony computers since the beginning. ALL have had some failure within two years of purchase. These failures have been the result of hardware and/or software issues.

          The last MS computer I purchased was the Samsung tablet recommended to developers by Microsoft in late 2011. This computer is the worst piece of MS-based junk I have ever owned.

          In 2012 I purchased my first Apple product and have purchased additional Apple products since. The hardware and software on these devices has been virtually flawless. I’ve never had a major hardware issue and have never had to do a full reformat, wasting days of my time.

          Around half the U.S. now owns iPhones and the satisfaction rate is around 90 percent. These people are not going to suddenly wake up tomorrow and think to themselves that Microsoft has magically turned things around with their Surface products. Maybe some naive twenty-something kid will take the plunge, but for the rest of us Microsoft-based hardware is dust in the wind.

          1. In terms of those Windows systems, I’m curious why/how they broke with such regularity? Also (perhaps more important) are they the same price points the Apple products you purchase?

            I ask this because most of the time when people complain that MS can’t match Apple hardware, they’re comparing your typical $700-$1000 Windows system vs. a Mac that costs $1200-$1500. You get what you pay for. That being said, I’ve had a Windows laptop that is still running just fine after 5+ years, and my previous laptop took about 6 years before it bit the dust. They were both $750 laptops. By this measure, I should have been able to use one ~$1500 MacBook Pro and have it last at least 10 years before any hardware issues. But I’m going to assume you’re comparing apples to apples here and are talking about $1500 Dell/Toshiba/HP systems, since as you said, you’re no neophyte. But hardware quality has improved greatly over the past couple of decades, regardless of price point.

            As an aside – the only full-reformat type problem I’ve ever had with a computer was the first time I installed a second hard drive on my desktop back when they still used IDE drives, and I was a kid so I didn’t know you had to set a second drive as ‘slave’ (needless to say, having two master drives in the PC confused it, and it tried to reinstall all of my hardware as a new system). A learning experience for sure, but now that we have SATA that lesson is irrelevant anyway.

            Based on our respective experiences, I’m going to assume that your Apple products are lasting at least 4 years a piece before you need to replace them, and that mine will last 10. I’m currently on a 3 year old MBP, and it is struggling to keep up, even though I upgraded it to 8gb ram. It could probably keep chugging for a few more years with no major issues though – I’m hopeful, but I’ll likely want a hardware upgrade long before I hit the 10 year mark anyway.

            >Maybe some naive twenty-something kid will take the plunge, but for the rest of us Microsoft-based hardware is dust in the wind.

            This is funny to me, because it was the naiive 20-something kids who really made iPhone such a hit by taking the plunge. And now look at it! For the record, I’m not saying Surface is magically turning MS around as a company, but this first-party hardware is much better than the varied quality you used to get 10-20 years ago from the likes of Dell/HP/Toshiba/etc.

            But…. none of this has anything to do with the point of this article, or even my previous comment. Cheers!

  3. Ha ha what a ridiculous article. Is this for real? So the two operating systems that own the entire world will disappear because they don’t earn the same revenue percentage as apple. Are you serious? Microsoft and google will dissolve because they don’t make the sane margins as apple. Is it even worth leaving a comment on something so moronic? Probably not.

  4. MSFT, based on the inferior products ie….Surface PRO 4 and Surface Book should just trade all of their stock at .03 on the $ to Apple and just die already! Who wants this BS? I personally love $25 Usb cables and an $800 (and rising) phone every two, no every year!

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