Apple’s legal fight with Samsung a revealed treasure trove of top-secret info

“Following a contentious patent battle that raged on for nearly five years, Samsung last week finally agreed to pay Apple $548 million in damages for infringing upon a number of iPhone and iPad patents,” Yoni Heisler writes for BGR.

“One of the more interesting aspects of Apple’s legal battle with Samsung is that it gave us an unprecedented look behind the veil of secrecy that typically shrouds all aspects of Apple’s product development and day-to-day operations,” Heisler writes. “Over the course of discovery, innumerable court filings, and a fascinating trial, the inner workings of Apple were brought to the forefront for the fist time in history.”

“From photographs of iPhone prototypes to how Apple conducts market research, Apple’s legal battles with Samsung provided tech enthusiasts with a treasure trove of previously top-secret information,” Heisler writes. “Without question, one of the most intriguing items to emerge from Apple and Samsung’s trial were a number of iPhone prototypes that never ended up seeing the light of day.”

Read more, and see all of the photos – including one of an octagonal iPhone – in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: An iPad with a built-in kickstand? Imagine that.


  1. MDN occasionally finds fault with Apple for not meeting their version of excellence but do not hold themselves to anywhere near the same standard. Their ads rarely meet the needs of their readership and they don’t seem to proof read the article headlines they make up and then, often make wrong links to articles. I have learned to lower my expectations of MDN.

    1. Oh look, the ‘But It’s FREE’ argument from dslarsen. *groan*

      That’s a good point. But abusing the users is a BAD idea in all circumstances. I don’t deal with the, frankly, cheesy ads that are part of the variety on every MDN page. I’m waiting for MDN to turn into a full frontal nudity ‘Page 3’ Rupert Murdoch catastrophe. Visitors are being treated like dumb animals, enticed by peeks at female anatomy. (I’m attempting to not insult the women here, unlike the cheesy ads). Really BAD advertising, the stuff of marketing morons. And no, you can’t click anything to lose the cheesiness. It’s here to stay. *gag*

      Result: I use the forbidden tools to turn MDN into a much more pleasant place to visit, losing them ad viewing revenue, which bothers both me and MDN. But the resulting web pages are so much more pleasant.

          1. My message is that I appreciate MDN for all they do, and I don’t begrudge them for living on ad revenue instead of making this a private paid service. Personally I just don’t look at the ads. I learned that trick maybe 40 years ago. Just don’t pay attention to them.

            Personal attacks on other posters who don’t share your thin skin is rather silly. Perhaps you should have been a nun.

            1. I beg your pardon, nuns aren’t like Audrey Hepburn movie characters. They are as tough as nails, they go about armed and dangerous. In school, with merely a piercing glance, they can induce a whimper from any any luckless boy caught transgressing.

            2. I don’t begrudge them for living on ad revenue

              I entirely agree. Maybe I am hyper-sensative to what I call ‘Bad Ads’.

              Meanwhile, my ‘thin skin’ is laughing at the persistence of YOUR personal attacks on others. Rather silly indeed. Maybe you’ll grow out of it. Thus saithe the nun. 😛

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