The best keyboard for Apple’s iPad Pro

“For whatever reason Apple didn’t have the Apple branded iPad Pro accessories widely available on day one,” Terry White writes for Terry White’s Tech Blog. “Although you could walk into an Apple Store and pick up the iPad Pro of your choice you had to wait for Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro.”

“I had already sourced another Apple Pencil from the Apple Store in Michigan (thanks Linda) and I gave up waiting for the Apple Smart Keyboard to arrive,” White writes. “Instead I drove to my local Best Buy and picked up the Logitech Create Keyboard for iPad Pro. I’m so glad I went this route instead. Had the Apple keyboard arrived on time I may have never looked at the Logitech Create. I would have been missing out!”

“First of all it takes advantage of the smart connector on the side of the iPad Pro. No bluet00th pairing or recharging to worry about. It just works the minute you connect it. The next very welcomed feature is that it’s backlit! WOW! It’s really nice having a backlit keyboard for the iPad Pro just like I have on my MacBook Pro,” White writes. “The next advantage that the Logitech Create Keyboard has is that it’s also a case that protects both the front and the back of the iPad Pro. The Apple Smart Keyboard only protects the display, but not the back of the iPad Pro… This is one time that I’m happy Apple didn’t deliver on time.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s “Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro” launch snafu along with its uninspired design choices are Logitech’s gains.

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  1. The only problem I had with this Logitech Create keyboard case – and the reason I returned it – trying to use the iPad PRO in portrait mode with it attached was very uncomfortable with the keyboard wrapped around the back. Either configuration for wrapping the keyboard behind was problematic.

  2. I really can’t believe that Jony Ive let that thing out the door. Not that it’s terrible but as said it is just uninspiring like an afterthought rushed out and thus incomplete. As they have had years to think about it that is indefensible, they should have been designing keyboards for years to see what unique design qualities they could squeeze out of it not a late arriving ‘good enough’ job that barely is even that.

  3. I have the CREATE and put two felt feet on the back of the IPAD where it comes in contact with the CREATE when in portrait mode. It rests quite nicely this way and will not scratch the back of the IPAD PRO!

  4. From what I hear there is a lot to like about the Logitech keyboard. However I’ve also heard from people that were pleasantly surprised that they liked the Apple keyboard much more than they thought they would. The main drawback to the Logitech keyboard is that it is significantly bulkier than Apple’s more simple solution. In the grand scheme I am not that concerned that Apple’s keyboard is late or that it might not be the best or cheapest. It provides lots of room for others to develop and sell alternatives. Choice is good.

  5. I tried the Logitech keyboard but I returned it a few days later. Nothing wrong with the keyboard. It’s the way you have to jam your precious iPad pro into the plastic case. I want a keyboard that I can jettison quickly and scratch my iPad pro in the process. I am waiting now for Apple’ s or Belikin’s keyboard.

  6. I concur regarding the Logitech keyboards for iPads in general.

    Apple: Sloppy roll out. This is one time you should have paid better attention to the marketing people who, no doubt, were telling you to wait for the iPad Pro release until ALL accessories from Apple were ALSO ready. User inconvenience and frustration has resulted, a user-hostile situation.

    That’s not the Apple way. 🙁

    You also lost potential sales, both accessories AND iPad Pros! 🙁

  7. I have the Logitech and I think it’s pretty good although it’s a bit bulkier than I would have liked. But, then, it does offer good protection. As someone mentioned above, having to jam the iPad Pro into the plastic case isn’t elegant but for a day or two outing as a laptop replacement it’s not a deal breaker.

    When I go on long trips on a plane, this is the case I’ll want to take it in due to the backlighting and the extra protection. It’ll be better for my business work visits to the factories and customers and not have to take the MBP around if I don’t have to. I also like how you can lay down the iPad Pro over the keyboard at an angle for use with the Apple Pencil or “desktop” usage.

    I do also have the Apple Smart Keyboard coming and I’m looking at that for the casual personal outings like vacation, visiting family members or friends, etc. I tried it at a local Apple Store and it wasn’t bad at all although it’ll take a little time to get used to the keys.

    The Logitech keys feel a little mushy to me but it’s fine. I also like having the function keys row on top to adjust brightness, control audio, home button, lock, etc. The Logitech keyboard does what it’s supposed to do when there aren’t many other viable options out there but I’m sure better thought-out keyboard-case units will become available eventually. Looking forward to what Belkin comes out with as well.

  8. I personally hate the way Apple’s keyboard cover looks when folded up and closed, and it also seems too bulky for when you’re holding the iPad in your hand. So I just got Apple’s basic non-keyboard cover for my iPad Pro and don’t plan on ever getting a keyboard for it. The much larger digital keyboard works just fine for me.

    My favorite thing about the digital keyboard is that I can hold shift with one finger and type keys with the other. The multitouch aspect makes it just that much more perfect for me. Maybe it’s always been that way and I never noticed until now. The reason I noticed is because they new iPad Pro digital keyboard has shifted symbols along the top bar’s number keys, as opposed to switching to a symbol-based board, and most of my passwords contain multiple symbols in a row.

  9. Ignore the MDN take on the Apple keyboard, their criticism is way over the top and is based on someone who hasn’t used it.

    The Apple keyboard uses different design elements than the Logitech, and has different priorities. The Apple keyboard is *much* lighter and much less bulky than the Logitech keyboard, which makes better sense when you consider that most iPads will be used for mobility, where weight is a big factor.

    Also, the build quality of the Apple keyboard is much more exacting and precise than the Logitech keyboard, which feels cheaper and like it was rushed to market.

    Finally, typing on the Apple keyboard turns out to be much more comfortable and efficient than people have been claiming (who also happen to be those who haven’t really used it).

    Because of its incredible lightness and thinness, the Apple keyboard is a design wonder.

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