AT&T to hike price of unlimited data plan to $35 per month

If you have a grandfathered unlimited smartphone data plan from AT&T Mobility, it’s about to get a rate hike of $5 per month effective February, 2016.

In an announcement, AT&T says, “This is the first price increase in 7 years.”

• This price increase will not impact your current unlimited data speeds. You’ll still be able to enjoy the nation’s most reliable network and will only see reduced speeds if you exceed 22GB of data in a billing cycle and are in a congested area. Learn more about reduced speeds for smartphone unlimited data plans.

• You can change your plan at any time. Learn more about the benefits of Mobile Share Value and how to switch today. If you switch to a different plan you will not be able to switch back to your Unlimited Data plan in the future.

• Should you decide to cancel your wireless service because of the $5/mo. increase, we will waive the early termination fees (ETFs) for the lines impacted by the price increase, so long as you cancel within 60 days after the price increase first appears on your bill. If you cancel after that time, you will be subject to the usual ETF.

• As with all service cancellations, if you have a smartphone on an AT&T Next installment plan for the lines you are canceling, the cancellation will require the remaining NextSM balance to be paid.

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MacDailyNews Take: Okay, who’s still got their AT&T unlimited data plan and are you planning on keeping it?


  1. At the local bar I patronize in Grosse Pointe Park MI,
    cigarettes cost $7 in the vending machine and a
    Heineken Lite costs $4.50. An increase of 17 cents
    a day for my grandfathered unlimited plan has me
    worried? No way.

    1. I’m not affect by this but I’m pissed off.

      Voice plans have always been a rip off and now that voice is less popular and data usage is more popular the telcos start raising the prices on data plans. Pretty soon we will all be up to $100 per month for data usage VoIP included (for what used to be a $35 data plan).

  2. I finally dropped my unlimited plan (plus a metered plan for my wife) last month. With our usage pattern, a family plan with two lines saved us considerable money on the total bill (in part because I can now use a portable hotspot instead of cellular on my iPad)… even though I added an iPhone 6s on Next at the same time. Unlimited really only pays if you use a whole lot of data on a single iPhone. I stuck with AT&T because it has good local coverage and my wife’s phone is still under contract.

  3. Gee, 5 bucks a month… No sweat! I’ll keep it. And AT&T just informed me that my 450 min/mo is now also unlimited, so now I’m unlimited voice & data for $75 a month. The first iPhone was $110 a month. I’m going to have to start boring my friends more!

  4. I have the unlimited plan and for the most part it is well worth it. A to their marketing BS, I find AT&T’s data network outmatched in many urban ares. Verizon- whom I have a data plan with for my iPad Air 2- seems to outperform AT&T in urban areas.

    We are living in an age where pickup trucks cost $40,000 and up and Half Million Dollar homes in some places are considered “fixers”. I cannot say I like it, but the alternatives are not many. T-Mobile and Sprint are worthless when you get away from narrow Interstate corridors and large Metros.

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