AT&T to hike price of unlimited data plan to $35 per month

If you have a grandfathered unlimited smartphone data plan from AT&T Mobility, it’s about to get a rate hike of $5 per month effective February, 2016.

In an announcement, AT&T says, “This is the first price increase in 7 years.”

• This price increase will not impact your current unlimited data speeds. You’ll still be able to enjoy the nation’s most reliable network and will only see reduced speeds if you exceed 22GB of data in a billing cycle and are in a congested area. Learn more about reduced speeds for smartphone unlimited data plans.

• You can change your plan at any time. Learn more about the benefits of Mobile Share Value and how to switch today. If you switch to a different plan you will not be able to switch back to your Unlimited Data plan in the future.

• Should you decide to cancel your wireless service because of the $5/mo. increase, we will waive the early termination fees (ETFs) for the lines impacted by the price increase, so long as you cancel within 60 days after the price increase first appears on your bill. If you cancel after that time, you will be subject to the usual ETF.

• As with all service cancellations, if you have a smartphone on an AT&T Next installment plan for the lines you are canceling, the cancellation will require the remaining NextSM balance to be paid.

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MacDailyNews Take: Okay, who’s still got their AT&T unlimited data plan and are you planning on keeping it?


  1. keeping it for all four iPhones in our family. We are however moving (two currently) to the Apple lease for purchase of handsets. Philosophically it sucks that ATT refuses to discount the data plan although they are no longer subsidizing the handset purchase. I hope Apple sets up a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) and bypasses these dumbass data pipe carriers someday

      1. I’m using a 6s Plus with my Grandfathered plan.
        I did buy it from Apple unlocked. I went in and asked AT&T before I did buy from Apple. I wanted Apple to get the money and not AT&T and cut them out of being involved.
        No upgrade charges etc. I can take a $5.00 increase for 22GB of LTE

  2. T-Mobile is now offering 4 lines with unlimited everything for $180 ($45/month), including their deal of offering unlimited data roaming, and phone calls in other countries — plus, they will pay off any competing finance or ETF plans.

    AT&T seems so determined to get rid of Grandfathered customers — well, they just managed to finally get rid of me. Done. No more $320/month for them.

    1. Yep, I just got a TMobile sim last week after buying a 6s+ on the Apple upgrade plan. Made a trip to visit family using TMobile sim. I am currently a grandfathered ATT customer. TMobile had a few weak spots along the way but at home and at my destination in a small town in Arkansas, I had excellent LTE data speed and regular phone calls exhibited very good voice quality. That sold me. I am porting mine and my wife’s new phones to TMobile. Will all the stuff they are doing that doesn’t actually count against your data plan, I don’t even need to go for full unlimited although I can if I need to. No contract, unlocked phone from Apple, NO CHARGE for tethering, let alone the fact that I couldn’t even get it on ATT with a grandfathered data plan. A data bucket that rolls over up to a year instead of ATT’s one month, etc. In one place where I ran Speedtest, I got 68mbs down and 25mbs up. That’s plenty for me. And TMobile is expanding their 700mhz coverage which works better indoors and carries further. John Legere already announced that they are going to be bidding for more 700mhz spectrum in the upcoming auction next year.

  3. You all enjoy your incredibly inexpensive plans while they last.

    I currently pay $60/month for 2GB and 12GB would cost me $240/month. The two phones in my family plus an iPad cost me $170/month in telco fees. Add my home broadband for $50 for 1GB pipe and we are up $220/month. Just for Internet.

    There are 3 companies to choose from here, but they are all basically the same price.


  4. With my unlimited plan, it didn’t include unlimited text messages. That was an extra 10$ a month per phone otherwise it was 10c a message over the 200 messages. I dropped the plan it about a year ago when there were reports that they were throttling the speed after a certain threshold and saw that I never really went over 6GB.
    Plus we added a line for my daughter which changed the dynamics. Still feel like i’m being gouged.

      1. I live in Eastern Europe now with an unlocked ATT iPhone 6+. I have a pay-as-you-go SIM card and spend about $25 every 3 months. I use anywhere from 1-4GB of data per month, about an hour of calls and ~100 text messages. I don’t know how the pricing breaks down between them, but I’m basically paying 400% less than I would as part of an ATT family plan in California.

  5. T-Mobile is a lower priced alternative and offered significant cost savings for my family. However, as a T-Mobile customer for the past six years or more using my phone at home, at work, and on travel, I know from personal experience that T-Mobile coverage is spotty, especially indoors. As the saying goes, you generally get what you pay for…

  6. “Should you decide to cancel your wireless service because of the $5/mo. increase, we will waive the early termination fees”

    Boy, AT&T REALLY doesn’t want you for a customer!

  7. “it’s about to get a rate hike of $5 per month”

    With all the new smartphone customers and technology improvements since the original iPhone, the price should go down, not up.

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