Apple TV’s ugly problem solved by great new accessory

“While most would agree that the latest Apple TV box is a big leap forward from any of its predecessors, it’s not exactly the prettiest product in Apple’s portfolio,” John Archer writes for Forbes.

“Sure, it’s small enough not to leave much of a footprint, but it’s quite chunky and utilitarian-looking, and doesn’t sit comfortably on a typical kit rack,” Archer writes. “In fact, for many people – especially the sort of design-focussed people who’ve gone to the trouble of mounting their TV on a wall – the best Apple TV is one they can’t see.”

“Cue the cool new TotalMount Pro mount,” Archer writes, “[which] neatly allows you to attach your Apple TV box to the back of your television, meaning you no longer have to look at it or worry about where to put it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple TV is not at all ugly and we actually like how they sit there so neatly under our screens with their single simple lights beckoning.


  1. Well I had to laugh at the point he said design concious people hang their TVs on the wall. Most of those botched attempts ar both intrusive on the rooms layout, ugly and uncomfortable to watch. No it’s people with little sense of style who are the first to do that.

    1. I mounted a 50″ Samsung thin bezel LED for my Mother (an ASID interior designer) on a wall using a slim mount and holes for all the wires into a closet accessible from the hallway. Looks like a portrait frame. Her idea and she loves it. When done correctly (including centering the viewing area) they really do look great.

      I myself prefer the ease and look of something like this
      floor stand or cabinet mounted depending on need.
      in use with one of these

        1. I didn’t buy it, and I don’t care about your silly boycott.

          Samsung didn’t stand behind an early and expensive DVD player I bought from them and I swore them off years ago.
          I bought one of their plasmas simply because no one else was making them, but that has nothing to do with my Mother’s LED LCD.

          I also swore off Toshiba because of their involvement with Russia and stealth sub technology. Don’t see me whining to you to stop buying their stuff.

          Now, explain to me how you justify buying Apple products that utilize Samsung parts.

          1. Whether or not the internals are Samsung or not makes no difference, really. Buying a different brand ( even one with Samsung internals ) puts a large chunk of the profits in the hands of the “brand” and not the wholesaler ( internals ).

            Brands can use more than one supplier or switch suppliers or build their own manufacturing.

  2. …Unless you need to use another (IR) remote, like the old ATV remote, with the new ATV4.
    I have the new Siri remote by my recliner and the old remote by the sofa.

    The other family I know with an ATV4 uses their TV remote, a Logitech Harmony, to control it. This won’t really work for either of us.

    In my opinion, the ugly problem is the fragility and cost of the Siri remote.

  3. Okay, the headline fooled me. I thought this was going to be a story about the Apple TV keyboard input and the lack of an IOS input app.
    I know Apple is going to fix that, I just hope they do it by Christmas when lots of families, including mine, will be opening the box of a brand new Apple TV under their tree.

  4. Or… You could do as I did. I used heavy duty Velcro to attach it to one side of the back of my wall hung TV. It even worked before bluetooth, the IR bounced off the light coloured walls.

  5. Mdn take is for average and i mean average users that still use cement blocks and planks for shelving. In any nice home , media room the thing is sized as a problem for most custom installs. Now lets talk about ripped media accessibility. That needs a serious fix.

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