24 essential OS X El Capitan utilities you need

“Happy Thanksgiving to my US readers, and welcome to this collection of essential utilities for OS X El Capitan Macs,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

“Apple’s Contacts application is pretty good and integrates well with the rest of the OS,” Evans writes, “but for a contacts manager with more to offer check out CoBook, which adds powerful social media integration.”

Evans writes, “With over a million users, Disk Doctor ($2) is one of the very best disk cleaning utilities with numerous useful features – recommended.”

22 more essential OS X El Capitan utilities in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Also get yourself a good Clipboard manager (for example: Copy’em Paste ($9.99 in the Mac App Store).

If you don’t already use a Clipboard manager, try it, you’ll use it more than you think!


  1. Box: Fine, I use it. But keep in mind that you’re stuck with the Windows naming convention due to their servers all running Windows. That can be a problem.

    DiskWarrior: Yes, it is over-priced. You are not hallucinating. But it is very handy.

    Memory Clean: I highly recommend its precursor, ‘FreeMemory’. It’s the better app, simple, highly functional, I use it every day.

    f.lux: I ended up preferring the ColorSync profiles I made myself for each time of day (using the Displays preferences). They’re far better than the not-so-good f.lux results.

    VirusChecker: VirusBarrier by Intego is my favorite and easily has the best GUI. I find it worth the cost, but I always shop around for cheap deals for VB that I activate at the end of each year’s definitions subscription. Sophos Anti-Virus is fine, but digs a bit too deeply in to OS X for my tastes. AND everyone should have a copy of my pal Thomas Reed’s Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, formerly Adware Medic.

    Backup: I like SuperDuper better and its cheaper.

    Faxing: Who still faxes?!

    Privacy: I don’t use Ghostery because they use their own user surveillance. Instead try:
    – Cookie: An excellent cookie control app.
    – Cookie Stumbler: Almost as good as Cookie.
    – uBlock & uBlock Origin
    – JS Blocker 5: Geekware, but I like it.
    – Web of Trust – Good for protecting the kids from crap and malware.
    – Self-Destructing Cookies: A joy to use with Firefox! Only the cookies from sites you are visiting are allowed.

    VPN: There are lots of decent choices. I’ve used NetShade but currently use ProXPN. Just know that the NSA ad nauseam have cracked a lot of VPN services.

    Maintenance: My fave is MainMenu Pro, my fave.

    Other great utilities:
    – Default Folder
    – iStat Menus
    – TechTool Pro
    – Bartender
    – QuickSilver
    – SpellCatcher (Yes, it still works! But its orphanware).
    – PopChar
    – WindowMizer
    – MacTracker

    There are lots more, but I use all of the above every day (or so).

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