Millions of Android settlers are now upgrading to Apple’s iPhone

“Owners of Android handsets continue to flock to Apple’s iPhone,” Sam Mattera writes for The Motley Fool.

“Apple reported a record number of Android converts last quarter: of the iPhones sold to existing smartphone owners, 30% had previously owned a handset powered by Alphabet’s Android operating system,” Mattera writes. “Apple’s management didn’t offer an exact unit figure, but it likely represents handset sales of around 10 million. Given Apple’s propensity to retain iPhone customers, continued Android conversion should be viewed favorably.”

Apple iPhone 6s Plus in Rose Gold anodized 7000 Series aluminum
Apple iPhone 6s Plus in Rose Gold anodized 7000 Series aluminum

“Every Android owner Apple converts benefits the Cupertino tech giant’s bottom line, both in the near-term and in the long-run. iPhone customers are famously loyal, and once captured, they may never return to the Android ecosystem,” Mattera writes. “On Apple’s last earnings call, Cook stated that converting Android owners would play a key role in driving additional iPhone sales going forward. ‘We believe that iPhone will grow [next quarter], and we base that on what we are seeing from [an Android] switcher point of view,’ he said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A confused world awakens. Again.

Google’s going to rue the day they got greedy by deciding to try to work against Apple instead of with them.MacDailyNews, March 9, 2010

Android is an inferior, unprofitable knockoff peddled to cheapskate tech illiterates who do not value their privacy and/or who are so blind as to be unable to recognize a half-assed fake from the revolutionary original.

Here’s what Google’s Android looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:
Google Android before and after Apple iPhone

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  1. Apple doing again what it has done number of times. Own the high end of the market and then squeeze the competition into the profitless low end.
    Apple also follow the trends and when it makes sense comes out with better version. The larger iPhones are a good example.

    1. Apple is a master of this.
      And though the iPhone has a better ecosystem, better security, better camera, better functions and software – its the price of an iMac basically. People drop, misplace, bend and brake their phones accidentally. iPhone is made of soft recyclable metal – prone to get damaged easily. High impact plastics were designed for this reason – and plastics are recyclable. If Apple was serious about squeezing the competition it would compete in a lower end market and offer a lower end lower value iPhone again. The iPhone 5c was a fair move yet Apple purposely fragmented the phone to start with. Its just not their market and good they got out of it.

  2. One can take the low road and save a tonne of money.
    Sure its not secure. Don’t use it for online banking.
    And you can guarantee it will get plagued with viruses or malware. Just be aware of these things and what to do.
    And if you can stretch it out for a year – you can buy a new phone every year – meaning you get a better phone every year.

    At 120 bucks you can find a 8Gb, dual sim, quad core Android phone – and its not all that bad – it plays games makes calls, allows you to browse the internet and make wifi calls too. Add a 64 Gb micro SD for 60 bucks and you an backup your contacts and extend your storage for exchanging it to the next years phone.

    When thought about in these terms, forking out for a 1,029 bucks for 64Gb iPhone 6s is a huge expense. And the alternative is getting a 120 dollar phone each year for about 8.5 years. Specially when you will want the iPhone 7s and Apple will hinder your 6s a dead end device before the 8.5 years comes.

    People – its a phone.
    Yes a fantastic phone truly – the iPhone is – however for those on a budget – Apple iPhone 5s is still not the phone to get at 600 bucks?

    You get what you pay for – yet some of these low end Android phones pack a lot of value.

    1. I’d strongly disagree with “huge expense”. For many people – maybe most – this is their central business/entertainment/life tool. Saving a $1/day by buying an inferior product is just stupid.

    2. You completely echo Wall Street’s opinion of Android vs iPhone. They also believe most people will take a cheaper product over a higher-quality product. If consumers can get away with using a cheaper product, I suppose that’s what they’ll buy. That’s why Apple is seen being in deep trouble and Google isn’t. Android has, by far, huge market share which Apple can’t come close to. Apple will only convert a tiny percentage of Android smartphone users at best. Apple taking only the cream of the mobile industry isn’t nearly enough to earn Wall Street’s respect. Android was created to dominate market share. The iPhone wasn’t created for that.

    3. 1. When Android devices get malware the battery will only last an hour or so. Good luck trying to get through the day with that. This happened to me.

      2. Android users should not put their data on a micro SD card. Those cards on Android are known to fail and users could lose many of their pictures, notes, etc. This happened to me.

      3. Android users should not sell their devices to others because there are techniques to retrieve all their data such as pictures and text messages, even if the device has been wiped for resale.

      4. And as you mentioned there should be no financial transactions completed on an Android device. This includes banking, stock trading, buying things, etc.

      5. And since most Android devices probably have some sort of malware or virus then no pictures should be taken, and no text messages or emails should be made. It’s also smart to put tape over the cameras and to disconnect the microphone to detract the perpetrators. This happened to me.

      Many that have Android devices think that they are safe because they have virus protection software (I did), but there are some vulnerabilities that can’t be fixed with this software and require the devices to be patched via Google and the manufacturers. The problem is most Android manufacturers don’t make money selling Android devices, so they don’t have the resources to push-out timely updates.

      Some say Android devices are still useful as a bookstops or doorstops if the mic has been disconnected, cameras covered and batteries removed.

  3. They don’t want the US Gov meddling in their lives. Seems Google can access almost all Android phones and re-write the access to it giving the US Gov access to your personal shit.

  4. iPhone customers are famously loyal

    Why? I wish tech journalists would bother to understand Apple gear and stop pretending Apple fanbois and girlz are merely ‘loyal’, like they’re victims of Stockholm Syndrome. Shallow, vapid, superficial journalism.

    1. With an installed base of 150 million iOS users (or more) that’s the biggest herd of mindless sheep imaginable. And if they are mindless, why do they have so much money to spend on the internet? Are they subsidised by idle, rich liberals who’ve had the wool pulled over their eyes by svengali-like Apple marketing legerdemain? And what do they buy, large plots of clover upon which to graze? Also, if sheep are so damned loyal, why are shepherds with crooks necessary?

      Mass meda idiot journalists never consider such vital questions, which are left to academic publications. They collect their paychecks and little reflect on the damage they’ve done to the domain of knowledge. Their agendas, needless to say, involve not knowledge but psychological manipulation, in order to achieve the unguessed objectives of shadowy underwriters. Trust No One!

      1. Um, I’d never call all iOS users ‘mindless sheep’, but there is plenty of everything else you mention!

        It’s inevitable and even a good thing that the deep complexities of digital computing become simple to use by non-technos. But there are plenty of problems along the way. Marketing is, as usual, a whopping problem. Marketing morons are a dime-a-dozen. Marketing mavens are golden. Then toss in the fact that this is, among other things, what I call ‘The Age of Marketing’ when propaganda is infested into everything inanimate or living. It’s increasingly hard to do anything but ‘Trust No One’.

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