Apple’s Swift programming language could soon infiltrate data centers

“Apple created the new Swift programming language as a better way of building apps for the iPhone, and it was a welcomed thing,” Cade Metz reports for Wired. “Today, about 18 months after it was first unveiled—much to the surprise of the digerati—the language is finding a home on real-world mobile devices.”

“Richard Plom, who oversees iPhone app development at Vine, says the company’s six-second-video app now uses Swift, and other big names, such as LinkedIn and Yahoo, have embraced it as well,” Metz reports. “The Tiobe Index, a measure of coder mindshare, ranks Swift as one of the Internet’s 15 most popular languages—notable heights for a language so young.”

“But Sean Stephens wants to take Swift further still. He wants to take it into the massive computer data centers that drive our mobile apps and websites across the Internet,” Metz reports. “This week, Stephens and his new company, PerfectlySoft, released a version of Swift that runs not just on the iPhone and other personal devices, but on the computer servers that deliver data and services to these devices. This creation is called Perfect.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Those who use Swift to code their iOS apps will likely appreciate a server-side Swift, too!


  1. Apple created the new Swift programming language as a better way of building apps for the iPhone

    No, not quite. It was designed for Mac programming as well. I don’t think the author understands Xcode.

    In any case, Swift evolves and is a definite improvement on the clunkiness of past programming languages. If only it could kill memory management coding problems dead.

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