Apple TV: Siri support for Apple Music can’t get here soon enough

“Siri is one of Apple Music’s biggest selling points, because no other streaming music app is supported by Apple’s voice assistant,” Caitlin McGarry writes for Macworld.

“And despite the fact that Siri can help you find content in third-party tvOS apps like HBO Go and Netflix, Apple hasn’t yet turned on that feature for Apple Music,” McGarry writes. “Siri is coming soon — sometime toward the beginning of the year, Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed. But until then, I have to hunt and peck letters using the Apple TV remote to search for the music I want to listen to, which is a terrible experience.”

“At least on iOS, you get a helping hand from Siri,” McGarry writes. “With Apple TV, you’re on your own — for now.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The sooner, the better, but, for now, there’s a bunch of cool stuff you might not know your can ask Siri to do with your Apple TV’s Siri Remote. Check out the articles below.

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  1. MDN take harkens to other “reasons the new apple tv isn’t a waste of your time and money” articles.

    “My car is very very hard to steer.”
    “Sure, but you can drive it really fas and it has a hands-free bluetooth sound system.”

    As the kids say, “fail.”

      1. It’s just disheartening to see Apple buy good press for bad products. When they were buying good press for GOOD products, you could let yourself believe they weren’t buying it.

        But now the Emperor’s clothes… oh my.

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