Macworld reviews ‘Commander One,’ a free Mac Finder alternative for OS X power users

“Since the debut of the classic Mac OS System 1.0 in 1984, the Finder has been an indispensable hub of the graphical user interface experience,” J.R. Bookwalter writes for Macworld. “Despite many improvements over the year — most radically with OS X in 2001 — the core functionality of Apple’s Finder remains largely the same, despite efforts to improve upon the experience even today.”

“Commander One is a Mac application written entirely using Apple’s new Swift programming language that provides an alternative to the Finder,” Bookwalter writes. “The main window is split into dual panes that can be used to act upon files and folders in multiple locations at once… The free version works with local and network drives for search, preview, and other file operations, including the ability to rename files during copy and move. (Try that with the Finder and let me know how it works out for you.)”

Much more in the full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: Sometimes we get in the mood for a Finder replacement, but they never seem to stick. We’re looking forward to giving Commander One a try. If you’re already using this Finder replacement, how do you like it?


  1. I have been using total finder for years, apples finder while it has improved over the years.. Still lacks from what others offer.

    El cap changed the way the finder apps work.. So I haven’t been using total finder. Will check this out later to see if it needs the same security measures turned off or not.

  2. Q: Does it have a refresh button?

    This remains the single biggest flaw in Finder to me. Working on shared storage is dreadful without a third-party refresh button.

  3. Still want to be able to rename, delete, and move other files during file “open,” “save,” and “save as” operations from within apps.

    It’s a huge timesaver and greatly helps with organizing files as you go. One of the few things I miss from the Windows days.

  4. I’m having a frustrating problem with the Finder when attaching files to an email since installing El Capitan. Normally the Finder shows the “Cover Flow” view option to quickly scan through files. Now when I’m in an email program (Fastmail or Gmail for example) the Cover Flow view option disappears and I can only use the thumbnails or view items as a list when trying to add an attachment. Does anyone know how to resolve this?

    1. Nick,

      Thank you for bringing this up! I so miss coverflow when attempting to add a photo to an email… with El Cap I can hardly see what I am adding.

      I thought I was missing some setting and am so grateful that you brought it up. I may not have a solution but it is great to know that someone else is also seeing this as a problem.

      Thanks again !

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