TIME Magazine’s 25 Best Inventions of 2015 includes Apple Pencil and iPad Pro

TIME Magazine‘s annual round-up of the best inventions includes the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro:

In the 450 years or so since its invention, the pencil has become so ubiquitous, it’s easy to forget how remarkable a technology it is. It can write at any angle. Shades get darker depending on how hard you press. Marks can be erased. Reproducing this functionality digitally has vexed computer engineers for years, which is what makes Apple’s latest effort so impressive. The Pencil allows users to draw, paint or write on a screen, just as they would a sheet of paper. And it works in tandem with the iPad Pro, a tablet faster than roughly 80% of laptops sold in the past year, so there’s no perceptible delay. That combination has already sparked chatter about new ways to create art, animations, blueprints and more. “You can rest your hand anywhere and [the iPad Pro screen] totally ignores it and it just reads the Pencil,” wrote Don Shank, an art director at Pixar, after testing the products in September. “It’s pretty amazing.” — Matt Vella

Apple's all-new iPad Pro with Apple Smart Keyboard
Apple's all-new iPad Pro with Apple Smart Keyboard

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MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft HoloLens? Puleeze. That belongs on the 2015 List of Vaporware.


  1. From what I could see it looks like a good two-thirds of the chosen products are not yet available… talk about a massive case of vaporwaritis! Time should really limit this list to only those products that are available *now*, their staff should know that in the world of tech most of these “product announcements” end up being vaporware. Not so with the iPad Pro and Pencil!

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