New Apple Pencil stock begins arriving at some U.S. Apple Retail Stores

“New Apple Pencil shipments are going out to Apple retail stores today, following the company’s promise to push regular shipments to their retail outlets despite supply shortages.,” Dan Thorp-Lancaster reports for iMore.

“The online store is now estimating a wait of 4 to 5 weeks for shipments of new orders to start going out,” Thorp-Lancaster reports, “so hitting up an Apple retail store is probably your best bet for securing a stylus for your new iPad Pro.”

More info, including a list of store with Apple Pencils at the time of publication, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hey, it’s better than nothing!

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    1. This Headline is so cool.

      Apples image is today has turned into something awesome like somehow:

      “I will wait for the 100$ pencil that should have been in the package in first place, but pretending that is all very cool, because I paid so much.”

      Tim is putting some shame on Steves Legacy, because Wall Streets greed compromised the QA terms very very much.

      I guess that is how America treats his heroes.

      I guess we need a funny sidekick now.

  1. Just unboxed my pro…have to say..I’m sort of disappointed. The whole interface is scaled up. Everything is huge. Before you get mad at just doesn’t fit the display somehow. Things should be a bit fit the scale of the screen. That, and it’s a bit buggy. Opening safari and maps in split view was unresponsive then both apps crashed (as I was showing it off to my wife justifying the $$).

    It would have all been a bit more unique and “magical” if the pen had arrived too, I suppose. Right now, it just feels like an iPad made for the visually impaired, lol. I’ll bring it to work tomorrow..hopefully my opinion will change, but not feeling the magic so far.

    1. I expected 1-2 stars, but I’m being honest. Since I posted, I’ve had to reset and sign out of iCloud 3 times due to it asking me to reenter my iCloud password every time I woke it up. That is not an iPad issue …but I imagine crap like that would really turn off new users. Scrolling through AppleInsiders site is unbelievably choppy.

      Please, someone else with a Pro go to appleinsider…, go to the comments section of an article, and try to scroll smoothly down the page. Please tell me I’m just having a bad day and this won’t be my experience tomorrow.

      1. After a few beers, I’m done being a whiny biaach, lol. Seems stable now, but icons/interface is definitely toyish. That, in the split view app “chooser”…it lists all compatible “tips” and other stuff you probably wouldn’t use. Would be nice to be able to choose what apps show in that list.

        I’m ready to start sketching now 😉 Can wait for the pencil.

        1. You are a pioneer and we else are watching with bated breath…the reports from the frontier are few, and mixed…clutching our handkerchiefs, we hope for contact with the sublime, but will settle for any news that skirts disaster.

  2. While we were at our local Apple Store today picking up a cover and case for the new iPad Pro, we discovered the Pencil was in stock. So, we cancelled our online order and picked one up on the spot. Our new iPad Pro 128GB arrives tomorrow.

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