Apple launches ‘Apple TV Tech Talks’ worldwide tour for tvOS developers

Apple has invited iOS developers around the world to participate in ‘Apple TV Tech Talks.’

The new Apple TV is here, bringing incredible and immersive apps and games to the big screen.

Get in-depth guidance from Apple experts on developing and designing for tvOS, in a city near you.

Apple TV Tech Talks are scheduled for the following cities: Toronto, Austin, Cupertino, Tokyo, Berlin, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, London, and Sydney.

Apple TV Tech Talks

Register by November 13, 10:00 a.m. PST for an opportunity to attend a Tech Talk.

Learn more here.

MacDailyNews Take: Smart move. More Apple TV apps, please!


  1. A good idea, but I kinda feel sorry for the developers who have to figure out how to make the Siri remote worth messing with. For that matter, I had much higher hopes for the AppleTV platform myself (and still do, still waiting). Tried one in the store. Not a fan. Maybe they’ll open it up to more 3rd party hardware developers. And hopefully there will be one box to unite them all in Apple’s future – the ATV4 would make a decent peripheral box to a central game, entertainment, home network console and media server.

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