Apple releases tvOS 9.0.1 update for Apple TV

Apple today released iOS 9.0.1 (Build 13T402) for Apple TV 4 (AppleTV5,3).

The new 9.0.1 update can be downloaded via the Apple TV’s Settings app using Software Update. Apple has not provided release notes for the tvOS 9.0.1 update, so expect minor bug fixes.

“tvOS 9.0.1 comes as Apple is testing the first major update to the operating system, tvOS 9.1,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors. “Apple has thus far seeded one beta of tvOS 9.1 to developers, with release notes for that beta pointing towards improvements to networking and scrolling. tvOS 9.1 also appears to include support for Siri search for Apple Music.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The Apple TV updates cannot come fast enough.

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  1. Just updated, took about five minutes. The new Apple TV with AC wireless and a much faster processor is pretty snappy when it comes to these updates. No issues experienced during the restart either.

      1. Don’t you understand? Apple must be perfect in every way. The fact that they had to release a bugfix update means they have failed catastrophically. Oh well, I guess it’s Windows, Android, and Roku for me now. /s


  2. In spite of the vast number of complaints, I have enjoyed the new ATV. Yes, it needs some things improved. No way is Siri responsive enough for me. I have asked for a number of things Siri can’t handle, including identifying who played certain roles. And, as others have mentioned, Siri searches are weak. Other noted deficiencies are certainly correct. However, the more i’ve used it, the more comfortable I’ve become.

    It’s very clear that almost all the deficiencies can — and hopefully will — be handled in future software upgrades. That means the ATV is fine…just waiting a bit for better than fine.

    True, some of these issues should have been in place at launch but, speaking for me, I’m happy to have it earlier knowing improvements will be coming. My only concern is 4K. But I’d really like to think that, hidden deep within, it sits waiting to be unlocked. Another concern is that the touch pad is TOO sensitive. Accidentally touching it while watching something can do bad things to what’s playing. It would be nice to be able to easily turn off the swiping while keeping the clicking and then turn the swipes back on when needed.

    I’ll bide my time waiting for the future surprises the software updates will bring. It’s (hopefully) all fixable! In spite of its imperfections, I like it.

    1. I would not think to ask Siri who played certain roles. perhaps in some areas, we are expecting too much. If other devices have this functionality- well, who cares? I want a good remote and user-friendly experience. And apps that I haven’t dreamed of yet. Anything that enables me to cut the cable cord in the furture, whichever company makes it, is a no-brainer for me.

      1. That may have not been the best example. But even Apple suggested requests do not seem to always work. But by taking my own advice, I can just wait for future updates. I think we’ll see Siri increasingly helpful.

    2. Am I weird in that I just don’t care about 4K? Even if my TVs supported 4K, they’re too small to notice the difference (and I have no interest in bigger sets). My internet connection is pretty fast, but I’m not sure how much bandwidth I’d have left while streaming 4K. (At 1080p, I can watch Netflix and maintain my work connection while my wife browses and watches YouTube in another room.) I just don’t think 4K means all that much to anyone other than hardcore videophiles, and that lot is the least likely to buy an Apple TV in the first place.

      Remember, the first Apple TV only offered 720p, even though 1080p was pretty well established at the time. It didn’t seem to hurt sales.


  3. The UK Apps store is a joke not sure what the rest of the world is like. Please no more 2048 or Burning Log Apps!

    This is not the future of TV, it’s not even a hobbyist endeavour. If Jobs was alive this product would never have been released.

    1. Does anyone have a doubt that things will be significantly improving?? As I already said (with MDN and others), some of this should have been handled by the launch date…but all it is is a bit of a delay. I have no doubt improvements are coming…including in the App Store. People are acting as though this is and will always be the condition of the ATV. The complaint is a NOW complaint only. Let it unfold for a while. Although it does have a higher learning curve, I definitely like it better than the previous model. Improvements are coming.

      1. I’ve tried to be fair in my harsh criticism and be clear with two things: 1) everything is fixable except minor issues with the remote and 2) the App Store which nobody can predict because it relies heavily on developers whom Apple has not courted at all with the initial state of the store. My criticism is more what they could have been thinking to release it with truly a setback in functionality from its predecessor albeit with a monster processor by comparison. As a developer, I do believe Apple ABUSED its user base by releasing in that state. Imho, it hurts Apple because users get an early experience, are turned off and go a more functional for the short run, build content with other providers who offer less long-term promise. If that is the case here, those prospective users could likely be gone for good all because this had to be out for Christmas? As for the App Store, we may end up with GamesRUs and no real content streaming. Only time will tell but I echo your assertion that most of the issues are highly fixable. The question is how soon.

  4. Talk about entitled brats. The new Apple TV is pretty awesome. I swear the complaints are so ridiculous. It is far ABOVE the last release. If you can’t see the potential of this device, than this box isn’t for you. I’ve tried them all. From the Chromecast to the current Nexus Player. This is far better out of the box than any of those.

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