“The third generation Apple TV felt like a finished product. A limited product, to be sure, but finished and polished,” David Gewirtz writes for ZDNet. “This new fourth generation Apple TV feels like the beginning of something, probably something very big… but almost too early, almost still-in-the-garage early.”

“I’ve been doing set top boxes since they first came out,” Gewirtz writes. “So, I know what a good set top box is like, and here’s the thing: right now, the new 2015 Apple TV is not a good set top box.”

“Everything I’m about to tell you is fixable, either through software revisions or through growth in the ecosystem. But right now, the new Apple TV is disappointing — enough so that I’m considering returning mine,” Gewirtz writes. “To be blunt, the new remote is terrible. Swiping isn’t nearly as accurate at lean-back distances and as a game controller, it’s mediocre at best. I found it very frustrating attempting to select items. Rubbing a finger (usually a thumb) across the trackpad surface invariably selected the wrong item or overshot what I was aiming for. It’s very difficult to tell top from bottom on the remote. It’s almost entirely symmetrical, and the only difference is the top is less shiny, the surface you’re supposed to use as a touch surface. In the dark, I expect people will be pushing the wrong buttons and talking into the wrong end.”

“While the remote is terrible, Siri is bound to improve. More to the point, apps will undoubted improve. While there will be tons and tons of pop quiz garbage apps, it’s reasonable to expect some outstanding offerings as well,” Gewirtz writes. “But not right away. Good stuff will take a while, probably six months or more. I’ll check back in six months and at that time, I’m sure many of my complaints will go away.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Well now, it looks like not all of the latest Apple TV reviews are positive. This review is an outlier, factor that into your decision making.

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