AnandTech reviews Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus: Editors’ Choice Gold Award

“Outside of color, the iPhone 6s lineup has changed in a noticeable way when it comes to materials and in-hand feel. The aluminum back cover is now 7000-series, which increases rigidity with the addition of zinc which increases yield strength, or the pressure needed to permanently deform the material,” Joshua Ho writes for AnandTech. “It’s likely that relative to the iPhone 6, tensile strength has also increased, although given that tensile strength is a test of how well the metal avoids breaking apart it’s unlikely that this property matters all that much. If you’re actually reaching the limits of tensile strength of a phone’s back cover, you’ve probably already broken everything else in the phone.”

“Overall, in benchmarks where CPU performance is a significant influence the iPhone 6s is pretty much at the very top of the stack,” Ho writes. “The iPhone 6s in a lot of ways seems like it’s simple enough to review, but it turns out if you dig deep the changes have been significant. Over the course of a review, we’ve found major changes in the SoC, storage solution, camera, touch screen, fingerprint scanner, voice recognition software, cellular architecture, and WiFi chipset. On the SoC side, it’s pretty safe to say that the A9 SoC is the best SoC in any phone today.”

Ho writes, “I would give the iPhone 6s line the Editors’ Choice Gold award. Looking back on the phone that has received this award in the past, I believe that the criteria for this award is such that a product is not only one of the best in its category and an extremely good product in a vacuum, but pushes the smartphone user experience forward in significant ways.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The best gets even better.

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  1. The first phone I will buy with my own money. Got one for my wife, and I love it. She’s mad because I won’t leave it alone.
    Now that work isn’t buying us new phones, I’m getting this one – and I’ve never bought a cell phone since day one.

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