Meet the industrial-strength Lightning cable/dock/stand/tripod we never leave home without

By SteveJack

A Lightning cable, dock, tripod, and stand rolled together into the world’s most flexible dock: It’s the Bobine (US$34.99, Apple MFI Certified) by [Fuse]Chicken. It’s small enough to fit in your travel bag, but strong enough to hold your iPhone in nearly unlimited places in your office, nightstand, and kitchen. Bobine works with iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 5s, 5c, 5. I’ve used it with my iPhone 6 Plus and my new iPhone 6s Plus – the heaviest iPhones. It’s very strong, it doesn’t droop, and it’s virtually indestructible. I’ve found using it as an impromptu tripod to be it’s most valuable use for me. I can wind it up into a loop 3-inches across, so it fits easily into my cable bag; plus, it stays that way without requiring a cable tie.

Titan Loop Key Chain Cable ($29.95, Apple MFi Certified) is the ultimate Lightning key chain cable. It’s not too short, unlike some other key chain cables and I can’t imagine breaking it. I just hang it on a loop in my backpack and I’m guaranteed to never be without an easily accessible USB to Lightning cable. I’ve taken it on numerous trips during testing and it’s definitely staying a part of my travel kit. [Fuse]Chicken bills it as “the toughest key chain cable on earth.” It is. When extended, TITAN LOOP is nearly 9-inches (25cm) long, but loops in half to attach to your keychain, belt loop, backpack, etc. without taking up much space. I like it. I like it a lot.

Finally, I also tested a cable that doesn’t get tangled: The Titan Lightning Cable ($34.99, Apple MFI Certified). It’s a 39-inch (1 meter) industrial-grade USB-Lightining cable that is wrapped in two layers of flexible, high-strength steel. The Lightning and USB connectors are permanently sealed with a one-piece housing fused directly over the electronics and metal cabling. You can tie this cable in knots and it’s still going to work. You can even run over it with your SUV and it’ll still work – I tried, multiple times. Plus, in a pinch, you can use it as a tripod, too, but I recommend Bobine for that due to its Lightning connector. No, this thing isn’t as light as a standard Apple Lightning Cable, but the extra durability it offers has also earned a place in my travel kit. I take one TITAN cable everywhere I go for piece of mind. This cable also winds up into a loop 3-inches across, no cable tie required.

I been using all three of these for over a month and can easily recommend all three products. The extra cost over ordinary cables is more than made up for the lifespan they offer. They’re best bets for travelers, plus they all look very cool on your desk, too.

More info:
Bobine ($34.99, MFI Certified) by [Fuse]Chicken
• Titan Loop Key Chain Cable ($29.95, Apple MFi Certified)
• Titan Lightning Cable ($34.99, Apple MFI Certified)

Also of interest, but not (yet) reviewed:

• Bobine Auto iPhone Lightning Car Dock ($39.99, MFI Certified)
Bobine Watch ($24.95, MFI Certified)

SteveJack is a long-time Macintosh user, former web designer, multimedia producer and a regular contributor to the MacDailyNews Opinion section who also basically called the iPhone over five years before Steve Jobs unveiled it.

MacDailyNews Note: UPDATE: November 7, 2015, 10:30am ET: This is an original product review. This is not “sponsored content.” MacDailyNews requested review samples and received these cables from [Fuse]Chicken at not cost. SteveJack personally tested each of the three items reviewed above for over a month. If you buy any products via the links supplied above, MacDailyNews will receive a small affiliate commission.


    1. I have a titan loop (which hangs from my bike seat), but the Bobine is intriguing, especially since I could bend it into a tripod. I often find myself wishing I had a tripod so… I just bought a Bobine!

  1. Bobine (US$34.99, Apple MFI Certified) by [Fuse]Chicken <–WANT!

    These days, I carry around with me an external battery as a recharge source for my iOS gear. I don't have to worry about HACKED USB ports at the airport, free electric outlets, blahblah. I carry my own charge power with me and like it that way. (I <3 my Lepow U-Stone 12000mAh, a brilliant an elegant device designed in China. I like that).

    With that, I have a nice little stand Griffin Technology used to make for iPhones/iPod Touches that let's you sit them on a table and watch stuff, such as podcasts, NetFlix…. I could easily toss that nice little stand for the Bobine, enjoying all the added functionality.

      1. If you want to use public charging stations and are worried about hacked USB ports, you can buy a charge-only lightning cable that does not allow data to pass through it, only power.

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