Apple Car: ‘Faraday Future’ looks like a front for Apple’s ‘Project Titan’

“Billion dollar car companies don’t pop up overnight,” Bryan Clark reports for TNW. “Well, except Apple Faraday.”

“It plans to release its first vehicle in 2017, and claims it’ll have 15 percent more range than the Tesla Model S. Bold,” Clark reports. “It’s also spending some serious loot.”

“According to a recent blog post, Apple Faraday plans to spend $1 billion to develop a manufacturing plant in California, Nevada, Georgia or Louisiana in order to ‘explore other aspects of the automotive and technology industries, including unique ownership and usage models, in-vehicle content and autonomous driving,'” Clark reports. “The well-funded startup currently employs 400 people and adds 10 new hires a week. Right now you’ll find them operating out of Nissan’s former California research facility.”

Clark writes, “Welcome to the auto world Apple Faraday.”

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  1. Great man to honour with the name. The scientists and engineers working on the car must be very proud to have their work associated with this brilliant scientist. Great name, Apple!

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