Why Apple is the forbidden fruit of enterprise IT

“The irony of the mystical apple which is the forbidden fruit is not lost on me as I struggle to contemplate Apple and its products within my technology domain,” Naked CIO writes for TechRepublic. “Apple is certainly in demand from my user base and the passion with which users consume this brand, and insist on it, is bordering on frenzy.”

Naked CIO writes, “While I am not a frenzied fan, I can at least understand the appeal and attraction for iPhones and iPads (although the appeal of the Watch is very much lost on me.”

MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote back in July:

With Apple Watch, as with the Mac, it’s the whole experience. It’s indescribable, yet indescribably better with an Apple Watch on your wrist than without it.

A list of benefits simply doesn’t do it justice – and that list is different for everyone. You really have to set up an Apple Watch and use it yourself in order to understand. It’s Apple’s most personal device ever, after all. Without integrating it into your daily life, you just can’t fathom how useful it is.

To the vast majority of current Apple Watch naysayers: You don’t get it, yet.

But that’s okay, you will.

You’ll be wearing an Apple Watch (or, for the irrational anti-Apple types, some bad, patent-infringing knockoff that you wrongly and laughably claim is “as good as” the real thing) sooner than later. Watch and see.

Any IT doofus who has not put forth the minimal effort to see why his company’s employees would be more productive with Apple Watches on their wrists is incompetent.

Naked CIO writes, “However, what people don’t understand and what businesses need to know is that Apple is not business friendly enough – for me at least… Users love Apple but hate IT the people who can’t make Apple work in the organization. We are blamed but I think Apple has the problem.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Plenty of competent IT people have “made Apple work.” In fact, the most valuable company on the planet is all-Apple (except for the handful of poor saps who have to port iTunes to Windows and Apple Music to Android).

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      1. This stupid thing about this article is that the people that have swapped, are the ones that wanted to. They are probably technically adept and didn’t require much external support anyway.

        Lets see what happens when the rest of the staff switch over.

  1. There are four stages of adopting new ideas (Dean Radin, 1996, NYT):
    1: ‘It’s impossible.’
    2: ‘Maybe it’s possible, but it’s weak and uninteresting.’
    3: ‘It is true and I told you so.’
    4: ‘I thought of it first.

    This guy just entered stage 2, but it will take him a while to reach 4 😉

    1. I provide advanced tech support for system administrator’s. Got one of those “Microsoft certified” typed. He had no idea what to make of it when I asked if he could SSH into his server.

      “But it’s a Windows server,” he proclaimed.

      No matter how I tried, he could not grok the idea that it was even possible to SSH into a Windows server. 😛

  2. Love your take on the Apple Watch. I liked the demo at the last event with the medical app. He made sure to say it is HIPAA complicated, extremely important. There will be some breakthrough apps for business.

    He is living in the past. Apple does understand the problems, they have partnered with IBM and Cisco to solve them as quickly as possible. Yes this is new; however as more IT departments take advantage the ones don’t are going to look like fools.

    One quibble. Apple server farms use non Apple computers as Apple dropped out of the large server businesses. I do know that even though the building is large, the staff is not. Also they use Macs for everything else. It still should be on your list. I wonder what OS, and OEM they use.

  3. It’s called JOB SECURITY.

    I personally know more than a dozen IT people use Macs for themselves but recommend only PCs for their customers.

    Same with Android phones.


  4. Sooooo, his organization can’t keep up with Apple, so it’s Apple’s fault for moving too fast? Sounds like someone’s trying very hard to defend himself at work.

  5. My son is an IT professional who was raised on Apple IIs and Macs, at home. He is of course still a mac person in his home.

    When businesses really come to their senses regarding use of macs in the business world, his value should increase greatly. Any IT person ignoring this article will be limited in their future value to the corporation

  6. From my bank: Says it all.

    Microsoft Edge Notice
    Dear Valued Customer,

    On July 29th, Microsoft will release their new operating system, Windows 10, with its new browser, Edge.

    At this time, there are a few web based services offered by Huntington that are not yet certified to operate on the new operating system and/or internet browser: Business On-line, Remote Deposit Capture, Payment Center’s ACH and Wire application, and Commercial Card.

    Please do not use Edge to access these Huntington Bank services until Edge is added to the supported browser list for the applicable service. The supported browsers for each of these services are located on the Business On-line home page in the Resources Link section.

  7. It’s not just Apple’s fault, I also blame MS.

    We are trying right now to integrate a full Mac shop that we acquired recently.

    Can’t get SCCM to play nicely and that’s how we deploy everything. I haven’t heard what the latest snafu is yet but we mostly have it working with our existing Mac users in-house.

    It’s getting this other location into the system that’s being a PITA.

    1. Casper, from JAMF software, look into it. Makes integrating your Macs and other Apple gear into SCCM a breeze. That’s what IBM uses, and hey, no one ever got fired for mimicking them!



  8. This same clown writes in another article titled “Where’s the Innovation in IT?” and says ” I am mortified that IT – the pinnacle of innovation in today’s society – is so lacking in creative and forward thinking ideas”. Does this guy know if he’s coming or going????

  9. I fought this attitude for many years, was always a giggle for me when the Xserve the Windows IT bods insisted couldn’t integrate, was the Primary DC for Exchange and fitted in just perfectly into their crappy Windows environment.

    It’s probably still running now.

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