Mysterious, billion-dollar company ‘Faraday Future’ looks to take on Tesla

“No one knows who’s running it, but a mysterious electric car company is building a billion-dollar manufacturing plant and poaching the best minds in the auto world,” Harry Tucker reports for “The company is called Faraday Future, and it began operating out of an old Nissan research facility in California sometime last year.”

“It currently has over 400 employees working for it, but company bosses claim to be hiring around 10 new staff members per week in various fields with the aim of having 500 by the end of the year,” Tucker reports. “But for now, its staff boasts a who’s-who of electric car engineers and designers.”

“This includes the former vehicle and chassis engineer for the Tesla Model S, the head designer of the BMW i8, a former interior designer for Ferrari and a battery specialist from the Elon Musk-owned Space X,” Tucker reports. “A further LinkedIn search reveals more employees that have significant experience at massive auto companies such as Ford, General Motors, Volvo and even the likes of Facebook and Google.”

Tucker reports, “One rumor is that Faraday could be a dummy company created by Apple to hide its car plans until they’re ready.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The plot thickens.

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  1. Good luck with that! Tesla is bleeding cash, securitizing assets and mounting inventory. If it weren’t for government grants and subsidies, Tesla would not exist.

        1. Benefitting humanity and earning a profit are not mutually exclusive. Advancements that you take for granted in the 21st century are primarily due to countless people seeking a profit, otherwise known as earning a living.

    1. Yup, and the irony is the “clean electric cars” run almost exclusively on ‘dirty coal’ powered electrical power plants.

      And the US. Govt. subsidizes some of the electric car work with rebates.

      But why should WDC worry, it is not “their money” they are wasting … it is yours, so “who cares?”

      1. Actually, that’s not true — In California, for example, of all the electricity generated in-state, coal represents a small fraction of the total-less than hydroelectric, less than nuclear and about a tenth of natural gas.

        Even if the electricity IS from coal, electric vehicles get the equivalent of 90mpg — central generation is far more efficient than millions of individual internal combustion engines.

        Besides, the power plants being closed are old, inefficient and pollute badly. And they ARE being replaced, just not with other coal-fired plants. Since 2000, wind & solar has gone from producing 4,464 Gigawatt hours a year to 23,500 GW/h.

          1. And let us not forget the tens of billions of dollars of government subsidies for the fossil fuel (i.e. oil industry) every year. If you think the government is ripping off people on Tesla, you really need to look at the massive amounts of tax breaks and outright subsidies big oil keeps receiving every year, so that gasoline at the pump in America may be as cheap as it is.

            1. Starting with the hundreds of billions (trillions?) of dollars we’ve spent to keep the oil supply flowing — propping up the royal family of Saudi Arabia even as they finance our enemy, ISIS. And let’s not even start on how much we’ve wasted in Iraq and Kuwait.

            2. Estimates say that the American oil industry is receiving some $37 Billion (that’s a ‘B’) per year in subsidies. Last year, the top five American oil companies generated $135 Billion (again, ‘B’) in PROFITS, and they have fiercely (and successfully) defended in Congress ALL government subsidies they are receiving. If only $10 Billion of those subsidies were diverted to subsidising CLEAN energy technologies, Tesla would have been cheaper and we would have had a lot more clean energy sources.

              IN the American political circus, currently the Republicans are blocking any effort to repeal any of these oil subsidies, while Democrats keep trying to push them through.

              As a disinterested entity (a foreigner), I’d like to hear the explanation behind such forceful effort to keep subsidies in place for an industry whose profits are even bigger than Apple’s (!!).

      2. “Yup, and the irony is the “clean electric cars” run almost exclusively on ‘dirty coal’ powered electrical power plants.”

        Really? Not here in New England. We have this thing called HydroElectric Power. And even in many other areas power plants have switched to Natural Gas.

  2. Just looked at the Faraday Future website and the font they are using is Sanfrancisco.

    That font is owned and developed by Apple and is used for the Apple Watch and is exclusive only to Apple.

    Which means it’s very highly likely that Faraday Futures is an Apple brand.

  3. Faraday was one of the (on the shoulders of) giants. The Titans were giants. Newton(‘s Apple) and now Faraday; who’s next, Maxwell?

    It’d really be great if Apple were to move into Applied Physics/Chemistry research. They can afford it, research always gives the best long-term return on investment, and it may just change the world for the better.

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