You can get Apple TV’s gorgeous new screensavers on your Mac right now

“I’ll be honest, one of the few reasons I was interested in the new Apple TV was those beautiful, hypnotic timelapse screensavers of landmarks around the world,” Owen Williams reports for TNW.

“Well, now you can get them on your Mac’s screensaver instead,” Williams reports, “with a new downloadable from developer John Coates who extracted them and built a Swift app for getting them on OS X instead.”

“The app includes all screensavers included with the new Apple TV such as those shot in New York, San Francisco, Hawaii and China. You’re able to toggle the ones you want on or off,” Williams reports. “It’s the perfect screensaver for your home theater setup, or just on your desk — it looks beautiful on an iMac.”

More info and link to download the new screensavers in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: It works and they look stunning on our 27-inch iMac/Thunderbolt Display setups!


  1. Do people still use screensavers? I just have my screen go off. If I’m not using my Apple TV my TV will either be off or viewing some other content. They’re nice, but they’re screensavers.

  2. These are beautiful. There’s a bit of functionality built into the screensaver too – hitting the space bar stops and starts the currently playing movie, and hitting the left and right arrow keys rewinds and advances the movie frame by frame.

  3. I think the last time screen savers were big… CRT’s still had years to go …. and girls dressed-up like Madonna, gas was $1.20 a gallon, and Gorbachev was coming to power.

  4. I love these new screen savers! They look great on my 21.5″ iMac & attached 55″ TV.

    FYI for nostalgic people, there’s a company online called Infinisys that sells OSX Intel-compatible versions of Flying Toasters, Boris (the cat) & Mowing Man. They offer Satori & Rose for free. (These were modules for the insanely popular After Dark screen saver back in the day.) Their website looks dated, but they’re legit. I love the screen savers! The best part is that because they work within OSX’s screen saver control panel, they’re totally stable (unlike the original After Dark.)

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