Tim Cook: 30% of buyers last quarter upgraded from Android to real iPhones

“During Apple’s quarterly conference call on Tuesday, CEO Tim Cook said 30 percent of iPhone buyers switched from Android during the fourth quarter, the highest ratio of ‘switchers’ Apple has recorded in a single three-month period,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider.

“Cook specified that the 30 percent statistic applies to customers who upgraded from an Android device, not first-time buyers,” Campbell reports. “He went on to say the switch rate was the largest recorded since Apple began tracking such statistics around three years ago.”

“Apple has been aggressively targeting Android users as of late,” Campbell reports. “For example, a trade in program launched in March targeted non-iOS devices, while Apple in June announced a dedicated “Move to iOS” app for migrating data from an Android device to iOS.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The awakening proceeds with ever-growing intensity.

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  1. Since we know there are some each year that go from iOS to Android, it would be interesting to see how many of that 30% are returning compared to those from Android that are new to iOS.

    1. I think a large number. I know so many people whose first smartphone was an iPhone 3G, 3GS or 4 but they left Apple for a bigger screen. Now they’re coming back.

      Apple should be grateful that only Samsung has a large ad budget. There are actually some decent Android phones out now for $300 to $500, i.e. Moto X, Nexus 6P, HTC A9. If more of the general public were aware that they could get a “good enough” phone for hundreds less than an iPhone I don’t think it would be good for sales. But the masses now just finance their iPhones and Galaxies like freakin car loans.

      1. Some of those models even have been rated to have better cameras than the newest iPhones.

        It’s probably more likely than not that a nice chunk of the 30% switching from Android to iOS being reported now have in the past owned an iPhone and just had their contract expire so can move back w/o much of a financial penalty.

  2. what TC wanted to say but was too polite:

    “last quarter large numbers of android users suffering from ‘toxic hell stew’ of malware (in the words of Zdnet) , slow or no software upgrades, run around by OEMs blaming Google for problems and vice versa, crapware, cheapskate hardware for 90% of all android phones, clueless builds (like Galaxy pens that get stuck when inserted wrong) , bad re sale values and general yuckiness decided to upgrade to iPhones”.

    “On the Colbert show I mentioned that when Apple sees people suffering we feel obliged to help, our Android switcher program is one of the biggest pain relievers on the planet, you can call it a tech charity program … “

  3. My wife just upgraded from Android, and bought herself an iPhone 6s (BTW: her Android mobile, a Samsung, was a gift from a supermarket…). It’s curious how low is the “Move to iOS” app on google play is so underrated. It worked perfectly, as expected, and now she has everything she needed on her new iPhone.

  4. They were probably tired of ignorantly and arrogantly preaching about their ad and malware infested, privacy invading, iPhone-look-a-like ripoff garbage. It’s ridiculous to continue seeing these scumbag a still exist, even with many of them coming to their senses.

  5. iPhone versus Android mirrors Mac versus Windows in many ways (but accelerated). In the PC world, Mac sales growth is always significantly better than the industry average because Apple gets a steady stream of Windows users to “switch.”

    Well, now there’s a HUGE pool of smartphone users with Android. After they are trained on a lesser device, Apple compels a large number every quarter want something better. As I’ve said before (for many years), the existence of Android helps Apple more than hurts. 😉 Android creates smartphone users, and a large percentage eventually become Apple’s loyal customers.

    1. In the same way that Windows was a pale imitation of MacOS, Android is a pale imitation of iOS. For a long time, “pale” proved to be good enough to corner the market, but in the fullness of time the “real truth” leaked out. We are living in a time where we are privileged to witness waves of market corrections based on the dawning collective realisation of the enormity of the “real truth” which is that cheap copies are exploitive shit.

  6. If the Androids continue to upgrade to the iPhone, this is a whole new revenue stream that can now be realized. Not only will Apple get more marketshare in the developing world (e.g. India) as well as China, they also have additional sales through the Android conversions but now also will be able to sell their used iPhones and upgrade program. Seems that their revenue stream will be strong for the next couple of years.

  7. I think it has been right that Apple “focused” on better camera “stuff” for the new models, because a supermajority of iPhone users use their camera regularly.

    It would be interesting to know how many of the 30% of Android users wanted better photos & videos.

    1. I think I just saw an article that rated 5-6 new Android phones having better cameras than the 6S series iPhones so if photos were a strong reason those switchers may move back to Android in their next phone upgrade.

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