Screenshots leak of Apple Music app for Android

“New screenshots of what is reportedly the beta version of Apple Music for Android have been published, providing what may be a first look at Apple’s second foray into app development on Google’s competing mobile platform,” Mike Beasley reports for 9to5Mac.

“The screenshots show most of the features users would expect, such as Beats 1 availability and the ‘For Me’ recommendations page. Apple Music Connect, the social network for musicians built into the service, is also included,” Beasley reports. “Aside from radio streaming, Apple Music for Android includes support for browsing and playing the full Apple Music catalog. Interestingly, Apple has opted to provide some new features that aren’t supported on iOS, such as the ability to change the size of the cache used to store offline music.”

“Apple relies on UI elements built into Android rather than attempting to recreate the iOS versions of them. The main navigation has even been moved from an iOS-like tab bar to a more Android-friendly slide-out sidebar,” Beasley reports. “Despite this, the company hasn’t managed to stick completely to Google’s design guidelines and has injected some of its own style into the app. For example, the For Me page almost identically mirrors its iOS counterpart.”

Apple Music app for Android
Apple Music app for Android

Read more and check out all of the screenshots in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Without a free tier, we don’t see Apple Music being a raging success among the notoriously cheap Android settlers.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. I am not fond of MDN’s elitist Takes. While I certainly detest Samsung and Google, I do not extend the same blanket sentiment to Android users. Some of them prefer Android, just as we prefer iOS. Others will eventually try iOS and find it to be better. And still others don’t really care and are satisfied with whatever they have, especially if they got it cheap. And that it OK, too. Not everyone is as invested in their tech as we are.

      Disparaging and insulting Android owners will not endear iOS to them. Like Macs and OS X, you have to let people find their own way to Apple devices and decides for themselves (sometimes with a bit of encouragement to give it a try) that they will like iOS better.

      Quit the elitist crap, MDN. It got old a long time ago.

        1. As somethings done on Windows were simple to do long ago – and it took years for Apple to think about adding similar features to OS X. However with iOS “say, “Cheese” was on Android first. And Apple does seem to be following with all these, “eye candy” appeal Android. So does this make Apple more of a scavenger – the vulture – just waiting for opportunity. Picking up pieces when a platform is about to die. Buying up companies when they are bankrupt. Siri, Touch ID, Apple Pay – all bullish and wonderful moments by Apple to push forward… but iPhone 6s with moving home screens, saying cheese…. wow Appel can copy too. AND why not. You said it well KingMel, “Its about time to encourage and give things a try.” We Apple users know the better platform – we should encourage the others to try it or explain why its better, safer, simpler or whatever else the DIFFERENTIATING factor is.

  1. They did a good job judging from the pics of melding their style into the Android UI style. Few minor differences from the Play Music App and Google Play App for purchases/subscriptions.

    1. IT isnt really a meme. There is a lot of data supporting it out there. Spending on android google play store is significantly lower than on iOS App Store, even though the we many more android users. The percentage of free apps on android Google play store is consequently much h I higher.

      I also saw some data that confirms this regarding Spotify. Among paying users of Spotify, majority are iOS, and that disproportion is significantly greater among free users in favor of android. If you look at the data inversely, among android users, small fraction are paying for so Spotify; among iOS users, much larger paying, but that segment is now shrinking in favour of Apple Music.

      In other words, iOS users have more disposable income and don’t mind spending it on their phones and apps.

      1. With the much larger Android community it is quite possible that the actual number of people with disposable income that pay for stuff on both platforms is not much different.. There are just a lot more Android users than iOS users that are satisfied with the free apps. Keep in mind as of the June 2015 quarter there are over 1.4 Billion ACTIVE Google Android devices vs an unknown active number of the 1 billion iOS devices sold to date. Keep in mind that the Android total does not include non-Google Android and other forks like Amazon’s Fire OS.

  2. This is an interesting play. Does it mean iTunes will sync with Android devices or can you only listen to music with the subscription?
    Also will Apple limit the usage to only newer version of the Android OS? The key complaint of devs has been trying to get the apps to work with across the spectrum of OS versions on Android.

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