“In the movie Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak serves as the film’s conscience. The Apple co-founder, played by Seth Rogen, is an awkward but assertive counterbalance to Jobs,” Emily Chang reports for Bloomberg. “Wozniak’s on-screen confrontations are some of the movie’s most memorable. According to the real Woz, they are all fiction.”

“In his first in-depth interview since Steve Jobs’s release in some U.S. theaters, Wozniak said Rogen’s character ‘said things I could never say.’ ‘Everything in the movie didn’t happen,’ Wozniak told Bloomberg TV. ‘Every scene that I’m in, I wasn’t talking to Steve Jobs at those events,'” Chang reports. “Wozniak consulted for the film, which entailed ‘hours and hours’ of discussions with screenwriter Aaron Sorkin and attendance with Rogen at a magic show in Los Angeles. Wozniak had also talked extensively with Walter Isaacson for the 2011 Jobs biography on which the movie is based.”

“Even though the real-world events didn’t happen as they do in the movie, Wozniak said Steve Jobs is the best depiction of Apple yet, and he has already seen it three times,” Chang reports. “‘But it is not how Jobs acted in any way,’ Wozniak said. ‘The movie is not about reality. It’s about personalities.’ Wozniak touched on other subjects in the interview, including… a conversation with Jobs before his death about the possibility of Wozniak’s return to Apple. ‘I said, ‘No, I love the life I have,” Wozniak recalled. ‘I’m not the person for it.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Accuracy doesn’t matter — until you find yourself renaming rivers in order to match Hollywood concoctions.

Lie: “The graphical user interface was stolen from Xerox PARC.” Repeat a lie often enough, like on thousands of movie screens and countless upcoming downloads around the world, and it becomes “fact.”

And, BTW, Jobs’ NeXT, Sorkin’s “single biggest failure in the history of personal computing” as inserted into the mouth of a fictional “Woz,” is the basis for the Mac’s OS X, the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch’s iOS, and stands as the root of all of the success that Apple, the world’s most valuable company, enjoys today. If that’s a “failure,” we’d like to see Sorkin’s idea of “success.”

Can’t we just get someone who actually understands Steve Jobs, Apple, and what really happened to write the book and the movie? Is that really so hard?

Aaron Sorkin is a lazy writer who recycles his sententious dialog with shocking regularity:

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