Steve Jobs’ daughter Lisa was crucial to new biopic

“Steve Jobs’ widow, Laurene, may have done everything in her power to keep ‘Steve Jobs’ from getting made — and reportedly warned Leo DiCaprio and Christian Bale to stay away from the film — but Jobs’ daughter Lisa Brennan-Jobs from ex-girlfriend Chrisann Brennan was crucial to the movie,” Carlos Greer reports for The NY Post.

Greer reports, “‘I talked to everybody you see [portrayed] in the movie. Lisa was very important to talk to. She did not want to talk to [biographer] Walter [Isaacson] when her father was alive, and that’s understandable. She was ready to talk to me so I spent a lot of time with her,’ screenwriter Aaron Sorkin told the Verge’s Nilay Patel at a screening Wednesday.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A movie based on a book which contained no input from the person upon which the movie focuses. Only in Hollywood.

Steve Jobs the movie is as based upon Steve Jobs as much as it is on The Art of the Deal.

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  1. It’s beginning to dawn on me that Sorkin, when handed the Isaacson book about Steve Jobs, gave it a cursory glance and then conspicuously dropped it in a wastebasket, the same way Russell Crowe (playing John Nash in A Beautiful Mind) did with a calculus textbook in the classroom scene. Both went on to deliver lectures forged from their own fecund imaginations, never referring to tawdry precedent. Mozart and Lennon did the same, and I can envision Steve Jobs himself performing this topological twist. Facts are nails in the wall, feelings what give rise to architecture.

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