How to find out if your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus has the good TSMC or crappy Samsung chip

“Reports and videos floating around the Internet seem to indicate that there might be a significant battery life difference between the Samsung and TSMC chips used in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus,” Jim Lynch writes for CIO. “And this has made Apple’s customers wonder which chip their iPhones might be using. No worries though, it’s easy to find out which chip is in your iPhone 6s or 6 Plus.”

Here’s how you can quickly find out if your iPhone 6s or 6s Plus has a Samsung or TSMC chip:

1. Open the App Store on your iPhone.
2. Download and install the free Battery Memory System Status Monitor app.
3. Open the app and tap on the System tab.
4. Under the Device section, look for the Model.
5. The chip breakdown is as follows:
• N71mAP — TSMC
• N66mAP — TSMC
• N71AP — Samsung
• N66AP — Samsung

“If you find that you have a Samsung chip, you have the option of returning your iPhone to Apple if you are within the 14 day return window,” Lynch writes. “Is it worth it to do so? If battery life is a concern for you then I’d say yes it is, but you can make up your own mind after you watch the videos below.”

Much more, including a sample of Reddit conversations on the topic, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Chips fabbed at 14nm and 16nm are simply not the same chips and should not be referred to or sold as such.

Analyzing Apple’s statement on TSMC- and Samsung-stamped A9 chips – October 9, 2015
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    1. MDN…you are still at it! First one ridiculous Take, then another, then another. These are all A9 chips – same design and virtually the same performance gabbed at slightly different feature sizes resulting in a few square mm of difference in area. This type of thing happens absolutely *everywhere* in the consumer electronics industry where components are sourced from multiple suppliers.

      MDN, you really need to take a break on this topic and let the facts work themselves out before making any further comments.

      1. If this hurts Samsung, I am willing to cut MDN some slack, normally I’d agree with you but Samsung is such a sleazy company that I don’t in this case.

    2. I think MDN and everybody should look at this issue as a positive for Apple.

      The more the issue is brought to forefront the more Samsung, not Apple, looks bad. Yes Apple will have to deal with the fallout but it is clear that Samsung dropped the ball and that Apple is a victim of their incompetence or worse…put on your tin foil conspiracy hats…sabotage! What if Samsung had purposely hobbled the chip to keep iPhone battery life equal to or worse than Galaxy. After all, the 14 nm, in theory, should perform better on all counts.

      Perhaps Samsung engineers did not anticipate that a comparison of the CPUs would be made and that their hobbled chip would be outed. Such sweet Karma that it appears to the world that, given the identical A9 design and specs, their product is significantly inferior, EVEN WITH 14nm TECNOLOGY THEY ALLEGEDLY STOLE FROM TSMC, and raced to market before TSMC!

      Cherry on top: After Samsung’s continued loss of flagship handset profits to Apple, Korean analysts see Samsung’s chip supply to Apple as the bright spot in their financials. But no! – now Samsung’s perceived chip prowess is tainted AND rumor has it that 100% of the A10s will be supplied by TSMC….probably in part because Apple was dissatisfied with Samsung’s performance on the A9.

      Joy to us all that the thieving, copying, criminal, disgrace to Korea is burning to the ground like the Hindenburg!

    1. Forums have discussed wether Samsung is actually that advanced. But, it has been addressed in other online discussions and they have questioned Samsungs claims. It is not a new subject. Much as discussions on how Samsung cheated when testing software was used. Samsung had the CPU go full bore if common benchmark software was used. So, Samsung has a history of playing Loose with facts.

    1. People with values, morals and scruples care. I would even choose the TSMC chip over the Samsung one if the TSMC chip was more power hungry and slower.

      I have boycotted Samsung consumer goods and would love to make my dislike of their morality known with components too.

  1. This “chip-gate” is developing into MDN’s chicken little moment… screaming, squawking about the inferior, defective samsung supplied products. I’m sure Apple has sufficient quality control measures in place, that if these chips were in fact inferior or defective that they would be rejected and not used in the new iPhone. It all seems to be sheer showboating based on shakey testing/reporting from a questionable source.

  2. Lol… Mdn.. Take a chill pill.
    Crappy ? Lol..
    At least try to maintain some credibility!

    Both chips are within 2-3% of apples tolarance level.
    I distinguishable realworld performance ! …

    Stop The FUD…

  3. It is interesting how this little article, following on the heels of the whole ‘chipgate’ mini-saga, got me to download and install that little app.

    While I don’t for a second believe in the hogwash of “chipgate”, I am pleased that Samsung didn’t get the money from my particular phone for stamping out the chip inside.

  4. Pissed off with MDN. listen to all the complaints on your responses and get a grip. This is a complete non issue and you need take a step back. If you keep on this route your app will be deleted from my phone and many others.

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