iPad mini 2 vs. iPad mini 4: Which mini iPad is the best buy?

“Thinking of buying an iPad mini? Apple now has two models available, the iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 4,” Lou Hattersley writes for Macworld UK.

“The iPad mini 2 isn’t available in gold. We don’t think this should be a major concern, but it is a point of difference and is used by Apple to mark that the iPad mini 4 is a newer device, and available in the newer colours,” Hattersley writes. “The big difference between the two devices is the upgrade from an A7 CPU to A8. This takes you from a 1.3 to a 1.5 CPU (both dual-core). There is a slightly newer GPU as well, but both are quad core.”

“You’ll find that the iPad mini 4 is much speedier than the iPad mini 2, which is getting a bit sluggish in its old age but should still handle most tasks you throw at it,” Hattersley writes. “The other key difference between the two models is the presence of Touch ID on the newer iPad mini 4… The camera is also much better on the iPad mini 4, although they both have the same 1.2-megapixel FaceTime camera.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The 4 is much better future-proofed. It’ll handle OS and app updates for longer. If price isn;t an issue, we recommend the iPad mini 4 over the iPad mini 2.


  1. Use iPad Mini 2 with ForeFlight as a supplemental moving map on my airplane’s panel. Works great. Can’t imagine what a little extra CPU performance would buy me.

    “The darn things are built to last!”

  2. The author failed to mention the antireflective coating on the mini 4.
    Perhaps he’s never held one in hand. I would think a feature that is of benefit EVERY time you use the device over the next 5 years should be mentioned In “which one should I buy article”.

  3. I recently upgraded to the iPad mini4. BEAUTIFUL screen and very fast with the AC wireless extremely fast.
    If you can afford it by all means go for it.
    I use it to stream TWC business programs during the market day and it works really well with no buffering at all…..!!

  4. When….if price is not a consideration…would you ever recommend an older version of a product. Aren’t all newer versions “better future-proofed”. Kind of a no comment comment from you.

    1. Price is always going to be a consideration as most people are looking for value of which price and quality are a comment of.

      There was little difference between the mini 2 and the mini 3 short of the Touch ID and thus the mini 2 presented better value.

      This time around, the mini 4 presents better value to most people.

      That being said, the mini is one of the most price sensitive products Apple has every introduced. They are often purchased as gifts, for children, prize giveaways or promotional products.

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