Newly released candid tapes reveal visionary genius of Apple’s Steve Jobs

The candid tapes, released by Apple for its employees, show a rare glimpse of the tech mogul at work, ABC News reports.

It’s Steve jobs as you’ve never seen him in frank conversations with his colleagues in Apple… Jobs continues to fascinate even after his 2011 death at the age of 56. Demanding, creative, touched with genius, the man who helped bring the world the Macintosh personal computer, iPod and the iPhone… – Chris Connelly, ABC News

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Direct link to video here.


  1. We all have a darker side. If I became famous, there would be all kinds of stories of what I jerk I was to somebody. Everybody has things they wish they could have said differently. But we are an accumulation of both our good and bad. It’s just the bad is more interesting for people to tell about someone else if they become famous.

    1. Yeah, like truly successful people would have gotten that way being nothing BUT nice. Not even Walt Disney was always nice. Human behaviors are a stew of emotions, temperament and moods. The nature of human beings.

    1. Yup, it is a total ad to get you on a TV station, I won’t mention the name.

      We designers don’t want the blithering idiots on the nightly news overtalking Steve Jobs. Just butt out.

  2. Only those of us who grew up with and lived Steve Jobs know that this was not “another side of Steve Jobs”, this was the real him, day in and day out. The fabrication of who he was based on these bogus biographies and films is the real tragedy here, and it’s even sadder to see young people or those that did not grow up with him actually believe this crap.

    There was no “dark side” to Steve Jobs, he is “dark” only to those who don’t understand him or who don’t like him, who envy his legacy and his success in life.

  3. Damage control when there’s no need for it. Some Jobs/Apple disciples may watch these films out of curiosity but it won’t change their delusional devotion. Others will watch wanting vindication for their hatred of all things Apple and commercialism and the wealthy. Some will watch out of artistic curiosity.

    It’s okay to judge either way. But before you condemn anyone, look in a mirror.

    That being said, this clip simply shows Jobs speaking to to devoted employees with the top management rung in front. So it’s controlled damage control with no value in deflecting the issue.

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