Why doesn’t Apple offer their News app for El Capitan?

“iOS 9 added a News app (think of it as Apple’s version of Flipbook and Zite),” Dennis Sellers writes for Apple World Today. “A companion app for Mac OS X El Capitan would seem like a natural, but it’s nowhere to be found.”

“Thanks to iCloud, stories are saved on all your iOS devices, so you can start reading something on your iPhone and pick it up later on your iPad,” Sellers writes. “It would be nice to also be able to do this with a Mac.”

Sellers writes, “There are Zite and Flipboard versions for the Mac as well as iOS, so I’m not sure why Apple hasn’t offered a News version for El Capitan.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Maybe they’re waiting to see how/if it works on iOS first?


  1. It’s weird there’s no BBC World News channel in the Apple’s News app. Every other major news outlet I know is in there. Anyone know what the deal is with that? Anyone know if there’s other major news outlets missing?

  2. It took years after iBooks came out on iOS before it was available on MacOS. It will probably be the same thing with News. I use NetNewsWire because I like to subscribe to my news via RSS, but Apple no longer likes RSS.

  3. Why isn’t there a Rosettaette for running any iOS app on OSX? Some of them wouldn’t make sense (games where you shake the iPad), but there are really good weather apps, and satellite tracking apps, language apps, The Elements…

  4. Maybe it’s because the News app simply sucks. I put in my preferences and am YET to find a single article that matches. The app is now off in my Obsolete Group of apps on my phone. On a side note, my gold 128GB 6S Plus shipped today from China.

  5. I really like Apple News to succeed but it is so hard to like it. I personally will continue to use it but I hate the Total lack of customization both in terms of layout but also in terms of the system learning what I like to read (or is it lack of any intelligence which was part of its selling point).

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