Apple plans launch of new 4K 21.5-inch iMac next week, iPad Pro in early November

“With September’s iPhone release in the rearview and the iPad Pro set for an early November launch, Apple is ready to add some new Mac hardware into its fall product line,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“Apple is currently planning to announce new 21.5-inch iMacs with 4K screens next week, according to multiple reliable sources,” Gurman reports. “While the new computers are likely ready to begin showing up in stores as soon as Tuesday, October 13th, Apple will ramp up larger quantities for November, according to the sources, so finding one early on may be a slight challenge.”

Gurman reports, “The highlights of the upgrade will be the new 4096 x 2304 screen and much faster graphics cards.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bring on those iPad Pros!


  1. 4K iMac? Bring it on! I’ll be the first to buy one. Money burning a hole in my pocket, literally, not to mention my 2012 iMac is a bit long in the tooth. On second thought, hope it’s affordable.

    1. I’m pretty sure the money is not LITERALLY burning a hole in your pocket; that is LITERALLY impossible (unless you set some money on fire and then somehow shoved it in your pocket).

      What you meant to say was that money is virtually burning a hole in your pocket. LITERALLY means only one thing; it doesn’t imply hyperbole; it means exactly what it means, not less or more than that.

      1. Thank you Grammar Nazi for clearing that up. I know I benefited a great deal.

        If not for the work of great folks like yourself who routinely patrol these articles to point out the blatant ignorance of some people like Roy, where would we be?. You’re a real hero and society need more people like you.

        1. I wonder if Shakespeare had to suffer grammar nazis too considering his English usage broke so many rules, especially as compared to the Victorian literalists who did literally cane children who dared to break their self imposed and baseless set of rules that still influence us today. Language changes and though at times it annoys us all there really are far worse examples of misuse, abuse even, than the one outlined above.

      2. I *literally* laughed out loud when I read that. And by the way, are you sure? Language literally changes every day. Words are defined by usage not dictionaries.

        In fact, dictionaries only seek to record common usage. It seems we *literally* have no choice but to accept that it can be used as an intensifier or as a synonym for *actually*.

        1. This particular one irks me to no end. While I agree, language is a living, breathing thing, changing every day, still, generally, changes in the meaning of a word that are a consequence of ignorance are rarely accepted.

          1. I’m just messin’ wit’ ya, Predrag. The “literally” misuse used to bother me, but now “fewer/less” misuse bothers me more.

            In the end, I think we may see “literally” used as an intensifier more often than the ‘literal’ meaning. With hyperbole being so common these days and with “literally” being used as an intensifier on television and other influential mediums, it’s somewhat of a losing battle trying to hang on to the older traditional meaning.

            It would be like trying to ascribe the word “gay” to its more ‘happy’ meaning.

            1. What I hate is when people use “issue” instead of “problem.”
              An issue is a point of debate; not a problem.

              For example, someone will say, “I have issues.”
              But they don’t actually have any points of debate.
              They have problems.

              Captain Literally would force them to debate. 🙂

        2. Yes, but language change is almost always driven by ignorance, as in this case. The reason we have language conventions is to simplify and clarify meaning. Whenever language is butchered (and no, I don’t have to put “virtually” in front of “butchered”), the butcherer is putting their ignorance on display for all to see. No doubt someone will point out my own mistakes here, but I’ve “done me best, honest”!

    2. A 2012 IMac is hardly “long in the tooth”. Very little has changed vs. the Late 2013 model (which is still a current choice).

      I can understand wanting a Retina Display, but it doesn’t make a 2012 model any less desirable.

      There are plenty of people that will be upset if Retina becomes the only option at a premium price. Especially Canadians and other countries that keep being hit with the dollar conversion with each Apple revision.

      That being said, I’m glad the iMacs are being revised for Late 2015. 2 years is a bit long for an update.

      I hope Apple can meet demand for Christmas this year. No more 2012 debacles please.

      1. I upgraded to 4GB of RAM (third party) right after I bought it and swapped in a 2TB green drive three or four years ago. Green drives run cooler, and that is more important that a bit of extra speed in an iMac.

        1. I agree. If the Thunderbolt display isn’t updated by July 2016 It will tie the iPad Classic for a 5 year run.

          Apple should be embarrassed offering it in it’s current state at it’s current pricing.

  2. …according to multiple reliable sources

    Who amount to multiple CRIMINAL sources. Apple doesn’t leak announcements. Only crooks leak Apple announcements. Steve Jobs would have these bums eviscerated, metaphorically speaking. Because of Apple’s entrenchment in China: Criminal Nation, these leaks are constant and are now expected. 😛 No fun at all.

  3. New iMacs are great, but what about giving us a new Thunderbolt display? I almost bought the current TB display this past Summer, but what stopped me where two things. First, it only has USB2 ports on the back. Second, it’s not a “retina” display. Why have they allowed the TB display to languish this long without an update?

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