Apple is its ‘own worst enemy,’ U.S. antitrust monitor Bromwich claims

“Apple Inc’s antitrust compliance program has improved, but the company continues to impede a court-appointed monitor overseeing the program, acting as ‘its own worst enemy,’ the monitor told a federal judge in a report made public on Tuesday,” Joseph Ax reports for Reuters.

“Michael Bromwich, who was assigned to monitor Apple’s internal antitrust policies after U.S. District Judge Denise Cote found the company liable for conspiring to raise e-book prices, said Apple persisted in raising objections to his requests for information,” Ax reports. “‘In this respect, Apple has been its own worst enemy,’ he said. ‘This lack of cooperation has cast an unnecessary shadow over meaningful progress in developing a comprehensive and effective antitrust compliance program.'”

“Nevertheless, Bromwich said Apple’s program has become “substantially stronger,” commenting in what could be his final assessment unless Cote chooses to extend his two-year appointment,” Ax reports. “In his report, Bromwich said Apple had for the first time created a set of antitrust procedures, implemented training and improved engagement among its senior executives. However, the company still rejected many of Bromwich’s requests for information ‘for no good reason,’ he wrote.”

MacDailyNews Take: Aw, the puppet’s little over-billing troll can’t get his “access” to perpetuate this farce. Tough shit, Mikey.

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  1. ‘This lack of cooperation has cast an unnecessary shadow over meaningful progress in developing a comprehensive and effective antitrust compliance program.’”

    You mean where NONE is needed Mikey?

    Hitch your get-a-long to Google/Alphabet, I’m sure you’ll find plenty of legitimate transgressions to delight you there.

  2. Apple is its own worst enemy because it refuses to kiss the ass of government and bribe various Congressmen. Doesn’t Apple understand that crony capitalism is the only way to success in Murica these days.

  3. Read the comments from the Yahoo posting of this (Reuters and Business Insider did not allow comments) and saw two types of people.
    Those that thought Apple was getting a shaft, and android / samsung Apple haters posting meaningless Apple sucks cause it has money and I don’t and it does not give things away for free.

    Postings are getting way more like that overall. The haters are not even taking the time to make a good argument…….(actually does one even exist?? LOL)

  4. From reading some of the ridiculous comments I just want to say that I do not understand 1D10T code very well. Could breeze, MDN, peterblood71(which is DISgusting), and you others please type more slowly?

  5. SUMMARY: Apple has used this insane experience to learn how to deal with #MyStupidGovernment when it goes off the rails regarding perceived ‘anti-trust violations’.

    IOW: Apple has been learning how to deal with crazy persons. Why they’re crazy is irrelevant. Acquiescing to their most detrimentally crazy demands is not going to happen. The result is relational, schmoozing, marketing to the morons, etc.

    VERY sad indeed. What this forces is an element of Marketing-As-Management if only for the sake of surviving the PoliTards. This is NOT good for Apple’s future as an inventive, innovative company. But the fact that Apple is an INSISTENTLY inventive and innovative company is why the PoliTards loathe Apple to begin with. Very sick indeed.

  6. “This lack of cooperation has cast an unnecessary shadow over meaningful progress in developing a comprehensive and effective antitrust compliance program.”

    Jeez, Louise. If any company in American does NOT need an effective antitrust compliance program, it is Apple. This whole court case was a circus and a travesty of justice.

    Bromwich believes Apple is a deceitful den of conspirators out to rip-off consumers, and in need of Court Supervision worthy of any police state. Sounds a lot like something Putin would do. Sorry, Cote-Bromwich-DOJ, you are barking up the wrong tree.

    “Increasing consumer prices” above predatory low prices set by Amazon does not constitute antitrust. The real antitrust case is the predatory low prices set by Amazon in the first case, which the DOJ has turned a blind eye to.

    Moreover, the conclusion that Apple acted “to increase consumer prices” was based on the relatively small subset of publishers’ “new and best-selling” titles, and did not even examine or consider the issue in the context of the entire book market overall. The DOJ’s conclusion was based on an incomplete analysis. Shame on the DOJ. Shame on Judge Denise Cote. Shame on Michael Bromwich.

    I am looking forward to the Supreme Court reversing this decision. And updating antiquated antitrust legal precedent based on obsolete case history.

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