Demand for Apple’s new iPhone 6s/Plus is widening America’s trade deficit

“Americans are calling for a larger trade deficit — literally,” Melvin Backman reports for Quartz.

“August trade data from the US Commerce Department shows that the difference between imports and exports surged 15% from July to $48 billion,” Backman reports. “One cateogory that’s leading the expansion is ‘cell phones and other household goods,’ which rose $2.1 billion, or 30%, from the previous month, for the category’s biggest monthly gain since 2001.”

Backman reports, “Economists are more or less attributing the jump to Apple’s new iPhone 6s, which has been selling at a record pace.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Some trade deficits are better than others.

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  1. The thing is that a LOT of the “imports” are goods designed and sold in the US by US companies. While iPhones are imported, if Congress would finally allow Apple to import back its profits, much of that money going out (by buying imports) would come back in.

  2. So, Apple sold more than almost everyone anticipated out of the gate, but not enough, and it’s been downhill since then, and they’re to blame for a trade imbalance because so many people are buying them though they’re about to go belly up because they’re not selling enough although they’re making almost all the profits and are increasing market share. So, who’s got the acid?

  3. Is a Ford car or truck made in Canada or Mexico but purchased in the U.S. an import? What about a Toyota or Volkswagen actually made in the U.S.? The money Apple makes from selling phones to U.S. customers is U.S. profits and are fully taxed. The money it makes from sales overseas stays overseas. Apple now makes slightly more money from overseas sales than in the U.S. (Wasn’t it something like 56% reported in the last earnings report?) I find it hard to believe that Apple can be cited as the main source of a trade imbalance because of a year old model of a phone.

    1. Well, not quite. When an iPhone is shipped from China to your home (or your Apple Store), it crosses American border. People who built it got paid in Chinese currency, and Apple paid them to make it there. As such, iPhone is an import, as is a Dodge made in Canada. Toyota or VW, on the other hand, are domestic vehicles (for the purposes of international trade), since the people who made them were Americans and the cars never crossed any borders to get to you.

      1. In other words, as far as international trade is concerned, Apple is simply the middleman between the manufacturer of that iPhone (Foxconn), and the US consumer — much like Best Buy or Walmart. The only major difference is that Apple’s profit margin on that iPhone from Foxconn is much bigger for Apple than for Best Buy.

  4. What kind of Apple slurring is this? Android phones are made in China and greatly outnumber iPhones coming into the U.S. Why do you post this B.S. and give the Apple slurring morons any press?

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