Aaron Sorkin: Steve Jobs just wanted to be loved

“At a post-screening Q&A Monday night, Hollywood’s most celebrated screenwriter offered a simple psychological diagnosis of a complicated man,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin likes to say that he writes his characters as if they are making the case to God why they should be allowed into heaven,” P.E.D. reports. “On the anniversary of Steve Jobs death — after a screening of the new movie that opens Friday in selected cities — Sorkin made the case for Apple’s co-founder in the form of what he called a ‘psychological diagnosis of a man I never met.”

“It may be oversimplified. It may be a bit too pat,” P.E.D. writes. “But as someone who has met Steve Jobs, and who has followed his career for most of my career, I think there’s a lot of insight in Sorkin’s amateur diagnosis. More insight than I’ve found in a shelf full of Steve Jobs biographies.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hollywood hucksterism.

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    1. Don’t think Steve Jobs gave a flying freak about being loved. He had a mission to dent the universe and knew he had a very short window in which to do it. He just didn’t stand for bullshit because he literally did not have time for it. That probably included many, many, many people who were full of shit and crossed path with Steve Jobs on a bad day, hour or even minute.

      Too bad he’s not around to dish some real “love” out to Sorkin.

  1. Ah – liberals. Don’t you just “love” them? Not.

    Sorkin, sell your BS lame movie. It is America. But Jobs “wanting to be loved” proves just how ignorant you are about the subject of your BS movie. Anyone that wastes their time to watch are lame themselves.

  2. I am not aware that Apple, with its billions, if not trillions of cash, has funded nor produced a film about Jobs. Apple’s silence about developing a film or series of films about its revered leader is conspicuous. Apple could offer the world its own version of history, but chooses not to.

  3. too late Sorkin.

    I don’t believe a word you’re saying now anymore.

    First you had a horrible Trailer One where you had such bits as “Apple stole the GUI” “Steve Jobs knows nothing of Tech, Can’t hammer a nail ” — shown as an asshole whose staff has the last word on him “think you’re god” and the only way he had success was bands of crazed foot stomping fanboys.

    THAT didn’t work. Apple fans derided it.
    so he CHANGED THE TRAILER to trailer 2.

    Then to get more publicity he thought of a vicious attack on Tim cook and Apple “Hiring child labourers for 17 cents an hour” ostentatiously in response to a benign comment of Cook’s on the Colbert show (see the show if don’t believe me it was a soft comment). he thought Cook would get into a pissing match with him and get him a lot of publicity.

    INSTEAD people pointed out 17 cents was nonsense , it shows he has no clue about Apple (and for person who claimed he spent years studying Apple) — facts he could have verified in 5 minutes on the internet.

    so THAT didn’t work.
    Thus he was forced into a fake apology where he also ‘apologized for Tim Cook’ ! to again try to get publicity. T.C wisely didn’t reply.

    As all those waffling strategies didn’t work Sorkin is now saying “Jobs” (from the company that still hires child workers at 17 cents an hour and exists on the foundation of the stole GUI) just wanted LOVE. to get back the Apple fans for the movie. ( he finally realized Apple HATERS no matter how much they cheered the first hateful trailer and his 17 cents an hour aren’t going to spend lots of bucks seeing a Jobs show)


    sorry still not watching that movie.
    if I wanted FANTASY I’ll watch one with Ray Guns.

  4. Jobs was a tyrant (documented to the hilt), a liar (especially to the authorities on multiple occasions), a petty thief (we know the story about Woz), a child abandoner (he was OK with disclaiming, disowning and abandoning his illegitimate kid), and acted like a little immature preschooler in many a situation. Good riddance.

    1. Trolls don’t like staying on their android and Windows sites because they keep seeing their world collapsing around them

      so they come here to MDN an APPLE fan site.
      if Jobs, etc make you guys so angry why come? lol.

    1. his idea of serving humanity was making products that would change people lives.

      and he did that for hundreds of millions of people.

      My life as an Advertising Graphics person turned around when I started using Macs.

  5. People do the best they can, usually. That includes Jobs and Sorkin.

    It is not normal for somebody to think he can change the world. That viewpoint is inherently imbalanced. But if we did not have these “abnormal” people, there is so much we would not have.

    Steve Jobs had his dark nature, but the good he did lives on.

    1. Everyone wants to matter, to make a difference, to influence someone, to create something lasting, in his or her own image. That is a basic human impulse—wanting to change the world we were thrust into by expressing our personalities—to create ripples in the vast pool of humanity. We reproduce, form families, forge alliances, achieve individual goals, all in response to biological imperatives, every waking hour of our social lives. It’s only when the brilliant spotlight of the News isolates one of us that every crease and wrinkle, every scab and scar, become appallingly visible to a public all too ready to condemn someone very much like themselves, but unlucky enough to have surpassed their own achievements. Jealousy? You bet!

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