GM testing Apple Watch app to lock/unlock and remote start vehicles

“Ever lock your keys in the car? General Motors Co. says it’s going to have an app for that,” John D. Stoll reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“Executive Mike Ableson, speaking during an analyst presentation at the company’s suburban-Detroit proving grounds, showed images of an Apple Inc.AAPL -1.65% Watch app under testing that lets owners lock or unlock their cars, or start them remotely,” Stoll reports. “GM’s exploration of the Apple Watch is fueled by technology that it has long held at its OnStar unit. The telematics service has been fitted on GM vehicles since the 1990s, and the auto maker has been able to help buyers get into their cars and utilize them even if they have lost the keys.”

Stoll reports, “The application would ride a trend in the auto business of moving away from conventional components to operate the car, and it is one item in a stable of experiments GM is employing to keep up in the industry’s tech race.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: No-brainer. Within a few short years, every major vehicle maker will have similar Apple Watch-compaticble apps.

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  1. And what happens when the Apple car arrives and the software integration work so much more smoothly than with Apple’s software implementation in GM, VW, Ford, Toyota vehicles? Someone’s not going to be happy.

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