Apple’s largest individual shareholder, Carl Icahn, considering buying ‘a lot more’ AAPL shares

“During a long conversation about stocks and high yield debt this afternoon between activist Carl Icahn and CNBC‘s Scott Wapner, Icahn brought up several times Apple (AAPL) as one the best stock buys around, what he has often referred to as a ‘no brainer,'” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

Rqy reports, “Asked if he would increase his position in Apple, Icahn remarked, ‘We’re considering buying a lot more.'”

Rqy reports, “But Icahn, who has warned of late of a market dangerously overpriced, quickly added, ‘I mean, we own 55 million shares or something. We would be buying a lot more if I weren’t as concerned about the market. I think it’s just one of the great situations of many years…'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s largest individual shareholder might be even larger.

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  1. He might be planning to get into the board of directors, doing so needs to own a lot more shares. With all Apple $200B cash, couldn’t wait to be able to touch it. Big big ATM machine.

  2. He’s just a-sayin’ that cause he’s skeered it’s gonna drop below a hunnert dollar. Still thinks enough folks will want in on his action and they start a-buyin’ too. Then he ups and drops the whole load.

  3. Does it really matter how many shares he buys? People are dumping Apple faster than any one man can buy up. I’m surprised he doesn’t sell a good percentage of his Apple shares and buy Amazon. It’s the only big stock that’s seeing any share gains. Netflix seems to have slowed down. Apple is stuck in reverse. Carl was sitting pretty when Apple was at $133 but that is long gone history.

    I barely remember MDN was writing about Apple share gains every day but there’s obviously nothing much to write about when share losses occur every day. I can understand Apple’s stock being down but when I think of that $140 billion being flushed down the toilet in stock buybacks it really makes my stomach churn. Apple repurchasing stock seems like the worst idea ever conceived considering the current results.

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